The Simplicity In Religion

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1 Once you start questioning the simplicity being taught in religion, you come to understand how life works.

2 One example is when a child asks his parent where do children come from. Parents would usually answer this way: “Well, my child, your mom and I love each other so much that we decided to put all our love into creating you.” Or “Well, my child, your mom and I love each other so much that we asked God to create you.”

3 But when the child grows up and begins to notice the pregnant women around him, he begins to analyze that the unborn child must have begun its developing stages from within.

4 As he keeps growing he discovers his sexuality and begins to figure out by himself where those urges come from and the purpose of his sexuality. That is when he finds out that is through copulation that a child is created.

5 By outgrowing the simplified version their parent originally gave him, he begins to understand at a deeper level how the childbearing process takes place. That is when he can make better judgments and further grow in his understanding of life itself.

6 This example helps you understand that the brain has its limitations at every level of our lives. Now you understand why a simplified answer to our origin may have been given to the people of those days so they could better understand.

7 People can only relate to things they have experienced. Your level of knowledge of that reality will be limited by your previous experiences as the brain translates information.

8 Nevertheless, unless you go through the experience yourself you will not understand what takes place at deeper levels, and attempting to defining it would be a careless act.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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