How To Change The World

1 People try to isolate themselves from this world to learn the spiritual ways….and that is fine. But once you know how it all works and realize that everything is a thought, you need to come to terms with the world and start exploring the world.

2 Open yourself to the world so you can see the different thought-forms that do exist, and by means of compassion, along with your patience and understanding of how it all works, then you can start making a change. You see?

3 Pain and suffering come from attachments by not understanding how the process works and want to give a solution to something you have no control over. You see? But through compassion, you begin to understand how it all works. You feel it, and when you replace that pain with compassion, you make a shift in thought-form, and by doing so, you change that thought.

4 That thought already exists. It must be fulfilled because it goes through a stage, like matter (iron), when created, it goes through the stage of dissolving itself (oxidation). So, you take that thought, you create compassion, and then you change or transmute it.

5 By changing that pain to compassion, you create a new thought that replaces that previously existent thought that eventually will vanish because it will lack support. Then it is replaced by a new thought. You see?

6 So, if you see, for instance, world hunger, instead of having pity and emotional pain, change it for compassion and understanding. And wish for that human being to understand the nature of things because that thought will replace the wrong support given to that existence, and you can vanish it.

7 That is why it is said that people gathering together in one thought makes a change. It is true; it works because a thought is a thought. Create a new thought, and it vanishes the previous thought because it will stop being supported by it. You see?

8 That is why congregating is so important. When that one thought gets energized with other thoughts of the same nature, it gives power for that thought to increase in intensity—and it moves. You see?

9 Religion is a good example. Whatever an individual has done at the end of the day is unimportant because that individual has to work with his own thoughts, dealing with his own creation and his own world. And those religions taught people to believe in a Deity as a way to make them move. Remember that. There is no good or bad; it just is. You see? Make sure you understand that perfectly. A thought is a thought.

10 You can make a difference. Explore the world, see humanity, and understand humanity. Don’t isolate yourself. Experience what’s happening and, through compassion, make a change.

11 Compassion and understanding and what it means is what makes a difference, and you can make a difference. You can read the news and learn what’s going on in the world. Feel compassion, and with that compassion you create a new thought that will replace your previous thought. You see?

12 And if all humanity does the same, exposing themselves to what is and what is not, seeing the difference and work and work and work with that thought, understanding that thoughts of compassion replace what has been seen, then we all will move forward.

13 That’s the importance of the internet. Everything is being exposed— everything. It has created the environment to advance in this area as everything is being disclosed. But of course, as new thought are coming into being created, those with compassionate thoughts can move forward and speed up the process. You see?

14 Worry not for those who don’t see it. They may not be ready. Eventually, they will, although it has taken generation over generation, centuries over centuries.

15 FV—What about spirits? What are spirits[1]?

16 CFKW—Remanences of what we once were, fed within the soul, and through creation it took on a thought-form. When the body decays, the remanences of that thought-form wanders before inhabiting or re-inhabiting a new body in order to have what one still desires.

17 FV—But there has to be a soul in remanence while waiting, wandering before it reincarnates!

18 CFKW—That thought is that thought. There are good and ill-intended thoughts. Some seek to manifest with grander energy, while others seek for lesser energies. You see? Those are movements, those are existences. Everything exists—everything exists because it was first a thought that became creation in different ways and forms. You see? And that creation took form from an original thought, and it moved in different aspects. And in this materialistic aspect of living while standing, sitting, running, moving, doing, and not doing, all those come from this third-dimensional density form.

19 This very life, this very movement, this very existence does exist in other planes (realms). If you do exist, so do they. Because they are also creatures from God[2], which are none other than creatures from an original thought.

20 And they manifested and became individuality within themselves. They have essence, they have life, and they Are—they Are; at different planes of reality, yet they Are. You see?

21 And they are either drawn to matter or move away from it, according to their understanding. You see? And when they figure out that density has no reason for being (razón de ser / raison d’être) they turn to God—to themselves within.

22 Everything moves by desires and attachments. That is what moves us: Attachments and desires. Suffering is the result of not understanding— suffering comes from not understanding. But every being chooses at what level one wants to work. It’s all a creation, we all are God, God is only One. God is manifest in all areas, and as you understand this process you will be ok—just don’t get attached (for instance) to your personal desires. You see? Just flow. Use your energy for good and to help others, to move forward.

23 Don’t waste your energy on things that contribute nothing to humanity. Self-gratification (for instance) contributes nothing to humanity. It only helps you set roots in more and more and even more of the same: Attachments and desires, attachments and desires, attachments and desires. You see how it works?

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[1] Spirit, as to how it was defined in my mind at the time of asking, was what most of us know as those souls inhabiting the spirit world, commonly known as spirits. This answer was in accordance with my intent and not my words. However, in its proper context, Spirit is defined as the essence of everything that is and exists as it manifests in physical and spiritual.
[2]While reading over some Transcripts, you may find it paradoxical that they reference God when in essence, they proclaim the non-existence of God as ourselves as the individuality of the Self. The reason being is that the word ‘God’ was what my perceptive mind could relate to at the time while transitioning to a Higher Truth.

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