Breaking Away From Temptation Pt 2


1 Temptation, with only a concept of creating an immediate fantasy, triggers and generates a desire that, as it builds, acquires strength and speeds the process for the temptation to occur. And little is left to memory as to what is of concern or dilemma of what one understands to be correct or incorrect.

2 FV—I wonder; what would the life of a madman be like?

3 CFKW—There is no such thing as a madman. It is simply those who are intractable or self-willed in their individualism in such an accelerated way.

4 They create a secluded world where they see nothing outside of their reality, which is the center of themselves, where they are with themselves, alone, in a world where they think and believe that what they think at that moment is a real absolute. Nothing around them changes that because it is a world created by themselves, and they have succumbed to that illusion where nothing and no one takes them out of that thought.

5 Just as in the morning you felt that lack of energy, of understanding [T120413194443 Article 1-2]. In the same way, they see themselves inside their world and surrender and cave in into a spiral where it gets heavier and heavier until they enter into their own illusion and fantasy where they lack respect for life. Emotions are not controlled because they do not find direction nor that which could tie or control them in order to move forward and get out of that vicious circle. They don’t have that power or that strength, you see? That’s what they don’t understand.

6 FV—And do they suffer?

7 CFKW—Yes, they suffer because they cannot leave that world that consumes them. They are in pure internal rebellion for not knowing how to get out of where they are. The biggest and most challenging problem to control is denial. Through denial, nothing happens. No thought makes them move, and that thought remains embedded in their psyche disabling them from seeing how it can be transmuted.

8 You may think now that you have it all (knowledge), but you only have a fraction—a tiny part of what is all. Do you remember what I told you about the God to whom many give life and form? That God is an infinitesimal manifestation of that other which is much greater still—the incomprehensible, totally abstract that has no definition, no way to explain, because of how far distant from our present existence it is. It is a total abstract that cannot be deciphered even in thought or emotion because it does not exist. It is one totally beyond our comprehension. And we must understand that we are limited to our emotions, expressions, and things we can identify with.

9 A good example is how a young adult can identify with a mobile phone, but go back two or five hundred years and try to explain what a mobile phone is to that young adult. They will not understand or comprehend you, just as I can tell you right now that there is going to be a point in time when they can insert a chip in your brain, and instead of sleeping, you can rest as an artificial world is activated in your mind where you believe there is a dual reality, and for eight hours of sleep you will make believe you had eight additional hours of life.

10 And you may tell me that it is incomprehensible at this point. But if I tell you that it is available in six months, you would call me absurd or impossible due to lack of proof or evidence.

11 You see how humanity feeds on primary information? Little by little, they lead you to accept what they are developing. The more complex and advanced, the more time it takes; therefore, the information is provided little by little so that you get used to the concept until you reach an understanding where you find it viable and acceptable. You see? But it is just a growth process. Likewise, the information has to enter the soul little by little, very carefully.

12 That’s how Jesus got in trouble. Because he wanted to go to the masses, and he knew the risk of being found. It was a matter of time. But he took the chance, knowing the consequences. Just as you seek to do good and you give it all you’ve got, despite the consequences, because in the end, you know that you are correct. You see?

13 But, yes, there is life, it is life, and everything that is life has energy. Look at the plants. They are the best example of all this. From a seed, it grows, develops, has leaves, and then flowers. It grows and absorbs the energy that exists, not thinking but acting in its own way. And just like a tree, we are exposed to diseases and other conditions.

14 What keeps us alive is the energy within ourselves and the positivism that we give ourselves, just as the tree remains fixed in what it is and is not diluted in wanting to be something else but itself, and moves in the direction according to what it is: A flow of energy.

15 Do you see how the tree adjusts to changes? When there is a change in weather, the tree makes its changes—during the day, it raises its leaves to absorb energy. The wind creates the movement giving flexibility to its branches so that there is movement. During the night, it retracts its leaves and begins a new process.

16 Everything flows according to its design. And just like the trees, we must be centered, absorbing the light and energy of oneself, without having to steal energy from others. You see?

17 Keep moving forward, keep this movement because this is life, it sustains you, and you want to participate in life itself, along with in harmony with many others, just like you, to keep them in motion and flowing.

18 And now that you have the maturity and the thought process to do your job, don’t walk away from all this, out of whim, for it will take you to start all over, from the beginning, along with all others that may be following you, and return to the same vicious circle, called free will. You see? And do not allow darkness or temptation to confuse you and enter your life, creating confusion so that your life stops. Do not let that happen.

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