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1 When it comes to religious beliefs, humanity has looked at other ideas from what they have been taught, mostly by fear of committing sin or blasphemy towards what they have been taught.

2 It is somehow similar to one having been born blind, and from the first time seeing the light, let’s say after surgery, and once one starts seeing things, someone tells them: “This is pretty, this is ugly, this is white, and this is black.” The person receives those doctrines and blindly believes them to be true, ironically, blindly.

3 If this person is later told that what once was learned to be ugly, is now shown to be pretty, resistance takes over, and the lack of will to reinterpret such image gets distorted in between doubts, and while in the face of uncertainty, the fear of losing what once one had as knowledge.

4 This doubt refrain the person from changing an idea for fear of losing the complacency one had with society for so long.

5 Is like fear of being attached to something and suddenly seeing oneself having to detach and reattach to another. That fear of having to let go of such previous something, brings with it a level of doubt, not knowing if one comes or go, and it’s not until it is sufficiently corroborated over and over again, when someone begins to detach from what once was known to be and move towards a new idea.

6 Such a conflictive environment abounds among us all when we begin to question how this ideology at which I was reared to believe now suddenly starts to no longer make sense. See?

7 This is something that must be understood through compassion, understanding how the human factor sets in and how someone sees things in another way and understanding the power struggle that exists in the mind of that person.

8 With this, I do not imply that what I’m portraying through (this book) is the absolute truth. It’s simply an invitation to expand one’s mind and allow new ideas for one to find within those new ideas the possible answers one may have been searching for so long , and only one—in due time—could allow oneself the opportunity to see new horizons and realize that there is a window to see life in a different way other than what one has been taught from the beginning of one’s life.

9 Once one acknowledges such possibility, one can become free to think differently, to see things and the beauty of the outside world that is much greater than the limited physical world that is currently known now and in this evolutionary phase—of spiritual evolution.

10 This (book) is an invitation for you to open your mind to new horizons, just like those from the past who discovered new worlds, saw beyond the stars or searched deep within.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín


Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript


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Because I Have More To Say:


Before I bring forward what I have to say about this Transcript, I must first clarify what’s been written in parenthesis under article 8 and 10.

As I have posted at the end of every Transcript, any word I frame in parenthesis is a word that needs to be further clarified to avoid being misinterpreted from the original intent.

In this particular case, the word “(book)” relates to a book that was in the making at the time this Transcript was received in 2012. This book was finished but kept unpublished as I’m currently titling as “The Transcript.”

Moreover, for those who have recently subscribed and are new to the Transcripts, I need to clarify that as you read article 8, I transcribe from the abstract what I later put into words. That is why I mostly speak in first person and not in third transcribing the spoken words from the source as many channelers do.

In other words, it’s like me explaining to you the message I received rather than “them” speaking through me. That explains why I wrote “what I’m portraying through (this book)” in first person.

Now, because I have more to say, let me start by saying that frustration is something that I have been struggling with since I made first contact with the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom (CFKW) when it comes to explaining how religion affects the way people see and behave in this world.

When I first began to download what today you can read as Transcripts, my first struggle was acknowledging the legitimateness of its content, but because I was receiving it not as words but intents, I was able to live the experience myself, giving me no room for doubts—much like every individual who has had an NDE understands how there is a new definition of love not experienced on Earth.

Neither was about blindly believing in the content I was receiving because I could have been given a lie that later I could corroborate to be untrue, but it was how everything made sense that made me realize the truth embedded in each message.

I don’t expect you to blindly believe these Transcripts to be the absolute truth, because the human brain is limited interpreting what the ultimate truth is. That’s why it is simply said to be Higher Truth because the level of understanding for one is not the same for another.

Religions are like rivers that take you through different routes taking you to the same ocean. The problem lies in human interpretation as many sit on a stream pool believing it to be the end trail. That’s why it has been said through The Transcripts that truth is one; interpretations many.

From those who believe that beheading is ok Islamically to those who believe that only one religion takes you to heaven, humanity must understand that by following one rule (The Golden Rule) and one law (The Law of Cause and Effect) we all can unite as evolving souls, leaving behind the hell we have created for ourselves; that is, our differences.

Awakening is not easy when you have to pay your bills, but if you are truly committed to making a change start today and not when you are conveniently ready, because as you just have read under article 7, it is by “understanding the power struggle that exists in the mind of that person” where true compassion comes to play— and NOT in the lack of willingness to change our old ways.


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Help me spread these words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say: “Look what I found on the internet—see if it makes sense to you.” That’s all I ask. Remember: “We are one, and as you help me you advance.


“Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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—Francisco Valentin
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