Breathing As A Reminder


1 Your breathing is a reminder that you are alive because of greater forces allowing the body to do so.

2 If you ever stop breathing, your body will retain its remaining creative force energy for a minimal time. Within minutes, the oxygen is depleted as the lung capacity minimizes, and the body begins to shut down at an astonishing rate.

3 Air is the most abundant form of energy consumption the human body uses. It represents the energy force to act upon a body. It is a constant reminder that we are limited in form and not as self-sustained as we think.

4 Our life is dependent on the air we breathe. We are constantly polluting this very source, giving no respect to our lungs to carry this life-creating force to our body.

5 Our lack of respect, from the pollution in the air we breathe every day, creates an imbalance in the body through chemical absorption that the body cannot contain as it accumulates in different parts of the body. As absorbed, it takes a toll on the organ it affects most, and an imbalance in the mitosis process comes to pass—we call it cancer.

6 In truth, it is an imbalance to the point the body cannot rebuild itself as completely as it should because the body is too overwhelmed and concerned with protecting itself from those outside forces.

7 As humans, scientists, consumers, and producers, we have displaced the nature of things and the natural laws of creation. We have experimented with little concern for life, assuming that the body will adjust and mutate, if necessary, to survive. As the human race, we are responsible for all the wrongdoing to our body.

8 It is we who are killing ourselves through the contamination of air, water, soil, and in everything there is because of our greed and desire to gain control. We have allowed contamination to set in, where contamination creates an imbalance in things.

9 Contaminations are byproducts, and a byproduct, in itself, is a distorted reaction created by a previous reaction; a chemical reaction, that is. And that byproduct we absorb through the skin, water, air, and feeding process.

10 Think about why we eat. We eat because we have chosen to absorb energy in that form. If we absorb an imbalance of energy, it creates an imbalance in the body. You see?

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Article 10-Think about what you eat to absorb life energy. For instance, the carnivore vibrates at its lowest level, the herbivore at a higher level, and the breatharian at the highest level.

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