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SUMMARY: “We have created our own world and have detached from creation.” This Transcript translates into words the abstract I was being shown and woken up to transcribe at the [by then] usual 1-3 AM intervals. These are my words as the abstract ran through my human brain and was assisted by The CFKW. I know, primarily because the words “You see?” has become throughout the Transcripts a marker to remind me of their presence.

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TRANSCRIPT T120118081957

1 Everything created by men is to engulf the spirit into wanting more and enjoying artificial things. What is created by men, most of the time, if not all, is excess of everything, from goods, comfort, food…even sex.

2 Everything is temporary. Everything is to please the moment, but in the end is hollow—is hollow. And you see it doesn’t fill you with the joy and happiness that otherwise the beauty of creation, nature, creates… is a bliss.

3 A bliss found in a previous dream [T120118020145] as I was searching to understand how creation works and if true creation is in the creation of nature and if bliss comes from understanding for instance, how to simplify your life into creating a flower.

4 And the creation of the flower by itself is the beauty of creating—not the flower, but the beauty of creating the flower is the one that is fulfilling and how it feels as permanent.

5 To the contrary, the environment created by men is one to satisfy his desire to create new things at a lower level by manipulating what creation had created, from food to goods, and that makes a big difference when you understand it and walk away from it, as you see the other side of beauty, of creation. You see?

6 The problem is that we are so used to this environment created by us, that walking away from it seems impossible. Because we have lived inside (of this artificial world) for so long, way so long that we have walked away from the experience of understanding, enjoying and seeing the beauty of creation. You see?

7 We have created our own world and have detached from creation. We have gone so far and so deep that we no longer seek and we now want what new thing is being created for us and what else we can create for them. You see? In virtue of exchange, in this case, money.

8 That exchange makes you create more and more and more. That’s the essence: The difference between creation and what is created by men.

End of Transcript T120118081957

This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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(1) Read Transcript T120118020145

(2) During this Hour of Reflection ponder on these words as you see your surroundings and notice how distant we have been driven to become from nature and its creating forces. Reflect on how dependent we have become to this artificial world created by us, how disconcerted we have become from its surroundings and how unaware we have been conditioned to become from the rampant genocide, hurting, and destruction by those feeding us and pleasing us …for money.

(3) Help me spread these words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say: “Look what I found on the internet—see if it makes sense to you.” That’s all I ask.

(4) And remember the last words from The First Transcript:

“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”40First Transcript


Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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