Our Ultimate Goal


1 Life is the ultimate creative force.

2 You see, life is the spirit’s journey through creation.

3 FV—Why did it have to happen in the first place?

4 CFKW—As said before, it came from the original sin* of God wanting to see himself. That was the original sin, an error. You see? The need to see himself or itself, as we tend to play with words.

5 Words are a means used to express what we feel, to express what we think, to express what we want, to express expression itself. You see?

6 The word, the language, is an expression of desire. Some need to speak at all times because they need to express themselves because their minds need to be expressing the self.

7 The need to speak is the need for that soul to be known; the desire to be heard and understood, constantly wanting to communicate and let someone else know of their existence. It is someone who desires to be known and feels less if not expressing oneself, like the one who wants to be listened to, calling for attention when there is no other reason to speak unless one speaks to oneself— listening to oneself.

8 That one who is quiet, who uses less of one’s tongue, is the more attentive one. Whereas the one who constantly speaks fills one’s mind with thoughts and, therefore, expresses one’s thoughts. But the one who seldom speaks much reflects. He who thinks to oneself does not need to be listened to by others and finds peace in one’s solitude.

9 The one who speaks is not at peace; neither can he be at ease because it is always the result of a need to be listened to by oneself or others: In solitude is where the truth is found. In solitude is where one needs to be. In solitude, one detaches from one’s desire to move*. This is the essence of understanding oneself and comprehending that the lesser the movement, the more peace is found in oneself.

10 Silence is the best state of being where one can find oneself to reflect on oneself, the desire in oneself, to be an individual and to find oneself, to then help others to find themselves.

11 The message gets spread by listening and not speaking. That is why the great prophets tell much but speak very little, because it is less what one needs to listen to understand what much needs to be understood.

12 The more one speaks, the more one expresses what one thinks, while the listener listen to what others think. But the more concise the words, the more the listener could think within oneself. That is why humanity needs books, videos, stories, and tellings. They have gotten used to listening to someone else’s ideas to avoid thinking for themselves and choose to adopt ideas not yet understood simply because someone else has said them. You see?

13 But the true process of understanding for oneself how the process works is the doing each individual has to make: That doing of finding oneself is one’s own desire to search within the infinite within one’s own essence.

14 But there is one problem; when the truth is found, one repels it because one is not ready to accept it. You see? That is why a proverb says: Are you willing to listen to the truth?

15 The truth is: To be next to the Creator, one must cease to exist*. To cease to exist becomes a paradox because to want to cease to exist to be with the Creator, one needs to let go of life. And to let go of life is to deny oneself of what one once was: One’s own creation. You see?

16 To deny oneself is to err in itself because to live is our purpose, and to deny our purpose is to deny in itself. But if you (FV) find a way where humanity could understand that true life is attained by letting go of life, with no desire to live, and to live life in its purest form by understanding that merging with the Creator is the way to give him (it) life, then humanity could finally understand what life truly is—which is giving life back to the Creator. And a new paradox comes to form because giving life to the Creator* is a desire in itself.

17 Through thoughts and the game of life, and the game of words, the thought confuses itself into thought, which is the original movement of creation, which needs to cease to exist to go back in balance with creation itself, for creation to cease to exist, and to go back to its original form—That is the ultimate goal. You see?

18 A goal is an action, a thought, a desire. That in itself will keep the movement going on. That is why it cannot be understood by conventional wisdom or rational thinking. It is incomprehensible and becomes a paradox for not understanding that everything we think comes from the original thought that comes from desire in itself.

19 We must understand how it all works. In itself is movement—an incomprehensible form of the true understanding that going back to the Source, in its original form, is to stay still in the void. And that will not happen because movement took form, and as movement took form from its original Source, movement cannot be stopped, because as it grows and grows and keep on constantly expanding non-stop, its complexity comes and becomes a never-ending form of thought: A thought that will never cease to exist, and the search for the void to go back to origin, in reality does not exist, because of its impossibility*.

20 What is done is done. So, what to do is your next question. The answer: Keep moving* and be in harmony with creation, because there is nothing else to do but to move, and help others move in the right direction in an effortless hope of peace within us, which is what others already have done in other realms of reality.

21 Life on Earth is like going through a river: Either you challenge it and swim against the current, or you may go along with the current and fear crashing, or go along with the current while enjoying the view and the path it takes.

22 That is where free will comes in, where life is one, and you decide how to live it and help others learn how to live it: Not your path but The Path, with compassion, without prejudice.

23 The greatest sin (error) is to judge, gossip, and live other people’s lives. Follow The Path; others will follow to understand how to do it. That’s it. That’s all it takes. So, be at peace at all times because life is only one, lived in different planes, lived in other realities: One life reincarnating in many lifetimes, but is only one. You see? It is only one.

24 You have spread yourself in multiple individualities. You think you are an individual, but you are a collective force of Oneness, where you can see yourself in all phases of reality. It is so hard to understand that we all are One—like a cell which from its original form was one and split into two by means of mitosis, and two became four, and eight, sixteen, and so on to now what it has become. You see?

25 But we have become individuals seeing ourselves as one, separated by the other when we are not. We are fully conscious as one and partially conscious as the third party we see every day.

26 Once you understand that you can see it all, although it takes a lot of thought, pondering, and understanding, you will be able to see yourself in someone else’s eyes. And by looking at the rest of the world and comprehending that you are them, you will finally get what life is all about. And that includes all living forms, from matter, animal, vegetable, and spirit from.

27 But the brain does not comprehend because what has been said here goes beyond reasoning, because once again: reasoning comes from conventional wisdom and rational thinking that is limited in ways unimaginable to us as it is.

28 Be at peace, be calm, and learn to understand this little by little, because one lifetime is not enough. One lifetime will only give you a hint of what it is, and you will go through different lifetimes and different planes to keep on learning new things as they come to be — and do never believe that life is one, because life on Earth is only an infinitesimal part of the learning process of what is and exist.

29 So, be at peace. There are much greater things to know and learn that goes beyond reasoning. Be at peace, because one lifetime is never enough. It is just a fraction of what it is.

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Article 4—Remember that these teaching were to me, and I share them with you. At that time, I was being taught by the CFKW with words I could understand from my Catholic upbringing. From a Higher Truth to sin is to err. For God to sin is for man to sin. God is you, you are God, and God is within you; therefore, you are God. It was implied in this Transcript that the first movement created an unbalance; the separation of the self from the Source. An unbalance takes place when someone errs. It is only through the act of returning back to the Source that the rebalancing takes place.
Article 9— Although it is asked for one to move throughout other Transcripts, it is important to clarify that in this Article, ‘not to move’ implies to stop wanting, creating, or experiencing.
Article 15—To cease to exist does not imply or suggest in any way that you deliberately end your life to become one with the Creator. The word ‘Creator’ is a metaphor for going back to your true origin. It implies that you become so aware of your true identity that you would have no further desire to hold on to life. It is further explained under Articles 16 and 17.
Article 16—This metaphor I just learned is a major theme of the Sufi teachings
Article 19—Although this Article may seem paradoxical, it is only if seen from a lower truth. However, from a Higher Truth, by acquiring higher consciousness, one can keep advancing to ultimately become One with everything that is and exist. Be aware I am speaking at an individual level. This Article implies that for as long as the rest of humanity keeps creating and exploring indefinitely, us all going back to the Source (metaphor) becomes an impossibility.
Article 20—To move implies to move into a higher realm of consciousness.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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