Today is Sunday, April 15, 2018. It’s already 9 PM, and I’m exhausted. My body aches, and I still have ahead of me four days before I finish moving out of my soon to be former home.

This experience has taught me to care more about the most important element that gives the soul to experience life through the physical senses—my physical body.

I’ve yet to disclose how many times this subject comes up throughout The Transcripts in phrases such as: “We are spiritual beings experiencing life through the physical senses” or “The physical body is the instrument by which the soul experience life through the senses,” just to name a few.

While as the transcriber, I have learned to understand the original intent while living the experience at a soul level and embracing these and similar phrases. But as the one who learns from these experiences at a physical level, and from what I’ve learned from The Transcripts, the journey has helped me better explain why you need to care for your body more than what you thought you knew.

As I worked and many times over-worked my physical body throughout this moving process, I became aware of how many muscles I had not used on a regular basis. Also, the extended hours that I spent behind a desk throughout the many years of my life had hurt me more than I thought it would. Today I can see how much harm I had done to my physical body for not paying closer attention and care of it.

I am not a medical doctor, nor pretend to be one, but what I’ve learned from The Transcripts is that the physical body (in motion) is comprised of a bone structure and muscle mass. As it has been transcribed: “The body is a mechanical instrument by which the soul …..”

Those muscles you barely use will shorten and weaken for lack of use. Consequently, when those muscles are suddenly subjected to heavy loads, they will get hurt and become inflamed. That’s how most injuries take place.

Care for your body by keeping flexibility, core strengthening and giving your body a healthy nutritional regime. This has nothing to do with vanity or sense of accomplishments but a clear understanding that while the soul inhabits the body, your experience and journey in life should be lived as balanced as possible, otherwise an unbalance will take place and illness will follow.

As far as nutrition goes, by following the teachings of The Transcripts, I have learned to embrace Veganism from one of the most powerful yet concise phrases: “If you must take a life in exchange of yours to keep your soul embodied in this physical plane, choose to take from the lesser” (in consciousness awareness).

This phrase is consonant with the sixth commandment which has been long forgotten for what it truly meant: “Thou shall not kill.”

By refraining myself from further becoming a participant in the killing spree of today’s western world, I have become healthier than ever before. At age fifty I was already a borderline diabetic, hypertensive, lower back chronic sufferer and a high cholesterol medical patient. Today, after just one year as a vegetarian and recently becoming vegan, my blood pressure today runs at only 117 over 72, and recent blood results had shown all my chemistry at normal levels compared to when I was a carnivore.

Not only have I regained control of my health, but I have also begun clearing my karmic path from the damaging effects of transgressing against others: “For whatever harm you do to others, you are doing to yourself.”

Not only has I become more aware of my health and my neuromuscular well being but also I’ve learned how much I have advanced as I keep detaching from what once was and no longer is.

Today’s level of awareness in me is far greater than when I had to let go of my past when I moved from Puerto Rico to Florida in 2006 not knowing what to expect.

Today I can see a metamorphosis in me that will lead me to further understand the many aspects of life. Today I invite you to follow me through this transformative path as I keep learning from the teachings of The Transcripts.

Follow me on this journey as I keep experiencing the changes one need to take while trailing through the path back home.

Thank you for sharing time with me.


—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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