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1 CFKW— Creation and the human experience are one.

2 FV—I feel it but cannot express it. I’m trying to put it into words, but I can’t.

3 CFKW—Life is like[1] an experience. There are hardly any words to express life.

4 FV—I can’t make anything of it. I have to find words, but I cannot[2]. I’m just experiencing one side of life. That side of life where there is drinking, happiness, and lack of worry—is like one side of life. It’s very earthly-like but with very little progress. It’s a hollow way of living where all you do is pay the consequences of your actions, few moments of enjoyment, and big moments of regrets.

5 CFKW—Yes. And those who deny the process of life, holding to it, extend their regrets. You see?

6 So, learn to be responsible and do what needs to be done. Do not let go (of my stance), and do not be led away by vice, laziness (and the like) because it can weigh on you.

7 Focus on your work, focus on your chores, and don’t be tempted by those who seek enjoyment from life without consequences.

8 Modify your conduct to become wiser about what should and should not be done.

9 Eat only what is good for your body. The vice of eating in excess becomes regrets, and stop having regrets about not going over, above, or beyond what you know is good. You see?

10 Doing good is an art. The art of doing what must be done to advance in all phases of your life. You see?

11 Your body knows what it needs for you to feed on, and excess leads to regrets. You know what it takes. Just do it.

12 When it comes to entertainment, do only what you know is good for you, your body, and your mind.

13 Learn to read and understand what’s happening in the world but do not allow it to become part of your being. That is the outside world; read it but don’t make it yours.

14 Stay away from fear, and know that everything that revolves around you is external forces of manifestation, but you are centered in a world that you created and want to be conscious of.

15 Look for neutrality in everything that you do. Strive to seek and understand the message and how to make it happen.

16 Take your life experiences as a test to see how you behave under external influences, work with those influential forces by mingling with others, and learn to work with what will unfold later in life. Pay close attention and learn from it.

17 Life has many things to offer, and it is for you to grasp and use them for your spiritual growth and learn to detach from what keeps you from further spiritual growth.

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[1]Article 3 ‘its like’ implies that life is humanly defined as experience yet, it is more than that. The intent lead me to understand it to be only one aspect of what can be termed as life.
[2] This Transcript is one of the best examples of how I receive their intent. In this particular Transcript, I could feel it but could not find the appropriate words that would lead me to express it in words.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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