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To answer this question, the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom retrieved from my intent what troubled me from my question. This answer makes only reference to the predator and its victim and not the rest of the animal world.

38 FV—Changing subjects: Why is the animal world so cruel among themselves?

39 CFKW—(long pause) Because in creation, there are many levels, and each level leads you to various degrees of understanding.

40 In the animal world, the complexity of desires and fears is seen, and the maximum intensity of the emotion generated by fear or desire is experienced firsthand.

41 To all those who flow through the world of suffering (it) is a mere expression of everything being experienced in one way or another — the victim and the victimizer—where both feelings are expressed to the extreme— at their highest intensity.

42 And suffering comes from what we don’t understand, and fear generates suffering.

43 Pay close attention to animals, see the attacker and the victim. The attacker has a desire to experience something new, and the victim, by not wanting to release from its body, fear and suffering takes place.

44 But many others have already learned this, and they simply let go, because they understand what fear and suffering are, and they set themselves free.

45 And pain (emotional pain) comes from the one who sees it from another perspective. The suffering drags and consumes one from inside out because one does not understand that all this is a process, and the suffering comes from not understanding, and the very desire to hold on to life is what drives one to ask this question.

46 That doesn’t mean that one should be cruel and pretend not to be at fault while in search for desire, and since you sinned, how could you judge the one who sins?

47 Just as Jesus said, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” So it is being repeated today and said in many ways.

48 Ailments are also the clinging to the body itself. And as you look for a balance to be able to continue with your work, and to be able to manifest everything that has been learned, so that the universe of people could understand for themselves all errors and desires, and to understand that one must rise, and move forward with the body, the soul, the spirit, the desire to be part of this universe and to get out of sin, out of this density— we ask you to help them advance, understand, and to heal, with your unique desire to teach all of what has been given to you.

49 And you seek to balance this body, and you want to heal this body because you want to help the whole world while seeking to solve your own problems, which bind you to this world and make you dense. You now know what to do.

To be continued— Transcript T120517081122

This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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Because I Have More To Say:

Article 43 is very specific to the intent behind the question. The experiencing of something new is not hunting for the first time, but wanting to hunt once again.

It’s like having eaten ice cream and wanting to have a new experience over and over again.

This is opposed to having hunted for the first time and after seeing what you have done, and by knowing the ripple effect on your wrongdoing, not wanting to kill ever again.

Article 46: This article needs a bit of explanation due to its profoundness. Many of us see how the predator attacks its prey and may not even feel a speck of empathy. In contrast, others cannot even conceive seeing such an act.

This article speaks to all three: the active predator, the passive carnivore with little or no empathy, and the wholly emphatic as well:

Having just learned that the life and death cycle of the predator is part of a natural process does not mean that your guilt is a product of not understanding the process, and now you may think that you can free yourself from sin and become a carnivore (once again?)

Let me then clarify that the life cycle of the predator ends with the lengthy and painful process of starvation once the beast (including yourself) can no longer hunt its prey.

Meanwhile, the non-predator, not only is more likely to live a healthier and longer life, or will always have food at the reach of their hands, but most importantly, lives the life of the righteous in conformity with the Universal Rule of Conduct.

Articles 48 and 49: Although article 48 may seem too long of a sentence, it cannot be broken down in sentences, but once you read it carefully, you will find the sequence as it pertains to a shift from subjects that I am already used to experience throughout any given Transcript. In this case, it was to help to clear my mind from the troublesome new findings of a kidney tumor to stop me from questioning myself and my work.


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Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

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