Do Not Judge


1 Once, there was a man unfaithful to his two lovers. When asked why he did such an immoral act, he replied that he was confused because he did not know what love was before.

2 That brings forward my point: No one is here to judge anyone because you can never tell what’s in someone’s heart— heart being a metaphor to lead you to understand THE SELF.

3 The self is experiencing life in different ways and forms. It is not that the self does not know or has never experienced before or any other reasons the man might want to give. It is just that the soul did NOT fully understand the nature of things and the laws that govern everything in order for him to make sound judgment. And sound judgment is only LIMITED to the circumstances around his environment, indoctrination, and culture he lived in. Because what for one culture is good, for another is wrong.

4 It is only through the understanding and unwillingness to hurt others that one moves forward. Once again, we talk about moving forward as a way of expression of progression as people understand in their limited knowledge thinking that progression is moving forward, which is moving towards the step or goal one seeks. But the real reason is movement, towards one way or the other, for as long as it is INTENDED to return to the spiritual, or origin of the void that counts.

5 So, in the transition is the diversity and limitless ways to understand the process. Take, for instance, when one cell divides itself through mitosis into two individual cells. One cell can go in one direction while the other goes in another. In the creation of the human body, one cell could determine that it is best fitted to become a kidney, the heart, or the brain. You see?

6 It doesn’t matter what direction—you are NOT to judge the why of such a decision if we all come from One and we shall return to One, so what is it to look after? True understanding is that for as long as there is movement, the search for the true void is all that matters.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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