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1 Creation by itself is a thought, so, the thinking process makes it all work for you because your thought is your thought and my thought is my thought, and we converge, and we collide.

2 When your thought is different than mine we collide. If we are in tune it consumes both ends (like a candlestick with two burning ends) in harmony finding answers until one of them becomes confused by thinking the other way, not in accordance with the other person.

3 If two people think killing is ok, while the rest of the world think the opposite, they both are correct in their own thinking– in their own way of thinking process.

4 They will try to attract everyone that might think the same way, and they attract that negative side while you try to pull to take humanity back to heaven, and the weight is heavy because it feels like you as one pulling everybody who thinks on a negative way.

5 And then you suffer because you see them and you feel pity for what it should be based on your end. And you start judging, and you start questioning, and you start wondering, so you create a set of resources to see how many you can pull towards you.

6 Life has always been a tug of war: Good and evil, big and small, good and bad. Everyone fighting for the definition of truth, and that is where everyone gets confused—because they think they understand, but by their understanding of the truth they believe they stand in a better position than others, and that IS NOT ‘truth,’ because every individual understands based on their ability to process the things needed to understand things.

7 And that’s what makes confusion in ‘truth,’ because truth is one within each individual, and the brightness (beauty) of what is truth, is on an individual basis. It cannot be imposed and have no rules or regulations.

8 So, when you begin to feel in peace regardless of your chosen or given environment, then you begin to understand that all this is just a thinking process that takes you nowhere but to the same end.

9 And in order to cease to exist is when we really understand what is what it takes to become One.

10 And that is a truth so hard to take, that it takes us back to square one thinking we have missed something from what it takes to understand how to become One.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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An abstract from the original transcriber, Francisco Valentin


This Transcript is one of the most extensive and profound I have transcribed from its original voice recorded version since July 7, 2011.

It’s content even gives me chills as I have to stretch my human brain to its limits in order to transcribe what once I received in abstract form.

Although the concept of ceasing to exist for some might sound like a dubious concept with no meaning to life, I can see the beauty in becoming one within and not the individuality of each one of us pushing and pulling like in a tug of war taking us nowhere but to the same senseless place over and over again.

This concept reminds me of the time I have recently been spending with my grandson as a two-year-old child fascinated with a trick I showed him once. He wanted to see me doing it again and again although he knew it had a start and an end giving him the same result. He kept saying “again,” “again,” and “again,” not getting tired of seeing the same thing over and over again.

His fascination reminded me of how humanity keeps wanting to do the same thing over and over again, until one gets tired of it and once no longer interested in it, one pursue other fascinations.

And I wonder: Why is it that what once interested us so much, now it no longer interest us, and even despise, once it saturates our thirst for wanting more of the same? And where does that takes us if not to dismiss what once we liked and now we seek to engulf ourselves with more of new things that at the end will take us nowhere but to no longer wanting what once we wanted and no longer want?
Think…just think!

End of abstract.

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