What Is The Point Of All This?


1FV—What do all these messages represent to me? How do I define what enters my conscious and subconscious mind? How can I decipher, separate, or understand the conscious mind from these messages?

2 CFKW—The conscious mind is the one that defines and gives strength to all this so that it manifests. That is the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the creator.

3 The subconscious is a concept given to understand that the spirit, through the soul, manifests what creation is, but the creator is the human being, the living being, who manifests.

4 As humans manifest through the conscious mind, the subconscious mind (consciousness) receives the given information and emits it into space. That is how we (humans) can understand it as something outside, far away, distant from us… which we call space.

5 This happens internally because everything is generated within the same creator, which is (*)man. It is man who sees the image (visualization). The human being is the one who sees all of this, whether on this planet or any other planet that (the soul) occupies.

6 The human being is a Being. Its race is something completely separate, but the human being is called “God,” becoming man. See?

7 Who can be called ‘He’ if not by another? You cannot call yourself ‘He.’ You call ‘He’ when you point at another. However, that ‘He’ is yourself, reflected in innumerable formations of creation and movement where the human being is exposed to all this vibration, which is nothing more than thoughts of life itself.

8 Life is the moment when man creates through his desire to express everything that is movement through the senses, which is the final product of what creation is, to give infinity to everything that eventually becomes creation through human thought. Thoughts shape everything that exists and modify and realign to create balance in all there this. See?

9 And if you keep asking yourself: ‘What’s the point of all this?’ You have to find contentment. This present moment that you experience is for you to stay calm while everything continues to evolve throughout the whole world.

10 This moment is your moment of peace, of tranquility. But as it converges with those other aspects already created by you, and just as those thoughts branch out, you find yourself paying attention to more of this and more of that.

11 The desire to relish something again attracts and envelops one in what it was as one wants to seek what it was to maintain the youth of what oneself was and felt and focuses on one’s sense of being and what life is—what youth is.

12 That’s why many seek youth. They’re mistaken because they keep seeking what will complement them externally. It’s you who has to feel young, energized, with a desire to live, to feel at the peak of life, and to want to maintain that posture, that figure, that desire to regain what once was that spark that today is sought to be kept alive because ‘it is my desire.’

13 If you desire to see yourself in a younger body when you can’t, you give up and feel old. You see? It’s not fighting against your body because, in this world, you have to feel young from the inside and not the outside. You see? It’s you on the inside. You need to feel young regardless of your age. Do your daily walk, exercise, and body stretch.

14 We are no longer relying on you the way we should be relying on (*)you. A computer is replacing the human brain function. The computer brings forward an implanted memory that is digitalized in ways that allow your eyesight to see through.

15 That is an aspect of technology most people don’t see. These instruments are replacing the aspects of the brain in charge of a memory bank. You should want to increase your memory capacity instead of relying on a computer that acts as an external hard drive that has the information but has no bodily function.

16 All the input data gets stored. It does not manifest because it has no life form. You see? I did not mean life form as a replacement for humans—it is that its use is limited to storage, which is one part of the brain. Its hard drive is part of the computer but not the computer itself. It’s the memory of humanly defined concepts, such as what is and is not.

17 Many use computers as a memory bank: Information that they have and can access even though they don’t need it, but many want to keep it accessible. And I (*)(CFKW) may use it sometimes, and others may not.

18 Your internal memory bank can’t upload that much information to the brain because it cannot sustain that much information. It is neither good nor bad. The mechanical force of the human brain is limited in form, and it cannot retain more information for its limited capacity.

19 The human brain has a limited capacity to understand things, so humans can limit themselves to the senses, the essence of what life is, the nature of nature itself—that is what the human being was intended to in the first place. You see?

20 You can clearly see it in the conceptualization of Adam and Eve. It gave form to what once was a beginning. You see? We have seen it interpreted in such a way that we wanted to see it actually happened so we could identify with it. See how limited our mind is?

21 We need to feel, visualize, and comprehend in a peculiar way of thinking so we can understand it in simple terms. But man has wanted to seek more than he is supposed to live by the rules and created computers, gadgets, and worlds of entertainment not to replace but to expand his limited memory bank.

22 We have increased our need to know because we believe that; ‘if I know this, I might know more as I keep evolving in creation.’ You see? Human’s limited consciousness is what makes a human being human.

23 Take monkeys as creation; they think differently. Take a tortoise as creation and look at the size of its brain. Look at its ability to think and manifest—how limited it is, but it is part of creation. Look at a lizard, a snake, or any other animal. Its brain size determines its capacity to understand what’s taking place.

24 But in creation, humans wanted survival, so they became aggressive with one another and took advantage of one another. The weak simply were frail in brain capacity and understanding, so the weak kept pursuing until one built up the strength to become wiser, survive, strive, or perish.

25 And we evolve, learn, and grow from our experiences. Good or bad, at the end of the day, you are still here; you made it. You see? It takes lifetimes after lifetimes to understand how all this works—it is creation.

26 The soul is the driver, but the one who experiences it all is the human being, not the soul. The soul is the driver in the sense of energy form: What is good, what is bad, what should and should not be done, and what is, but the human has a mind of its own.

27 And the information received from the spirit to go through a path, whatever it may be, becomes distorted by the human reaction, action, or inaction of survival while believing that this is all there is and exists, and that is when free will comes into play: That movement the human mind does to itself to benefit from it one way or the other.

28 It matters not which way you go as long as you move. In that movement, the human body sees, feels, expresses, and wants to move in one direction or another. Still, the soul is the driver of the spiritual force that unfolds all this into what it is creation.

29 This creation is not in spiritual form; the human essence is the creator, the soul is the driver, and the spirit the source of all the power that is needed to make this movement take place on Earth or heaven, the universe, the outer space, the stars, or however you want to call it.

30 Creation is possible toward the outside world—to everything that is to know, limitless in form. We can only see one aspect of our knowledge with our limited brain and use external resources to help us understand. But in truth, humanity keeps having trouble defining things because it is not from the outside but on the inside that one needs to look at. That is the part many do not want to understand.

31 This is creation, the body form you are within. All this is creation. What else is there to see? You perceive it all through the beauty of the expression that you give to this creation.

32 Close your eyes, and you are in the world inside you; open your eyes, and you are in the outside world. You cannot be inside and outside at the same time. Either you are in, or you are out. When you close your eyes to sleep, you close the window to the outside world and open up to that other field. When you close your eyes, you must internalize where and what you are.

33 Closing your eyes is like closing the door and going into your own world, into your own space, and into that quietness that takes place. You don’t need to dream. Don’t force yourself to dream because dreaming takes place only when your soul wants to keep manifesting while your body rests, where the mind wants to keep on moving and moving and keeps expressing itself in different forms.

34 It can also receive messages or recalls, just as I (CFKW) do now. I give you messages in thought form so you can understand, making you feel like there is a third party who speaks. In truth, either your soul is giving you information, or an existing being might be intercepting you, as I am now. You see?

35 In creation, the thought form takes place and gives the body form, transforming all this information into matter because we are thoughts. We are thoughts creating a God as a third party to help us identify with it and comply with the simplicity of the human brain, which can only understand if it identifies with itself and, if not, will not be in conformity with it.

36 That is why humans need to learn things step by step, one step at a time, so the human brain can accept what reality is. Men cannot get information just like that (snap fingers) and move on and grow. Not so!

37 It is more like a spark. You bring that spark, and they briefly see the light and return to doing their thing. You bring that spark once again, and when the human conscious mind sees it, it won’t pay attention for long. Then you bring another spark of consciousness to help them understand that there is something better or more than what they think there is, and they look the other way.

38 That is when you realize this is just a human behavioral pattern: Experiencing, enjoying, and coexisting without much thought. This is the individuality of the human being, the soul, the form. You see?

39 All this creation got complicated. It started with one, then two, and one became the opposite of the other, positive and negative, like an atom or a cell, you name it.

40 In creation, there is a beginning and an end. On Earth, we go from birth to death. When we learn something, we start from the beginning; when we finish, we call it the end. In life, there is a beginning when you are born and an end when you die. You see?

41 In the human mind, only a beginning and an end exist. The end can only be an end if there is previously a beginning. Doesn’t it make sense?

42 But when it comes to our existence, it is easily understood that there is no beginning and end; we just are. We’ve always been, we’ve always lived. People don’t understand because they are limited while thinking, ‘How could it be?’ Thinking that is impossible because there is a beginning when you are born and an end when you die.

43 They don’t see that they experience a fraction of what creation is when they are born and die. So, that fractional time between beginning and end is just an infinitesimal part of what life is all about. Life is to exist.

44 When you die, you move from one stage to another, like when you first crept, crawled, and walked before you could run. That simple. But many don’t understand, and neither can see it.

45 That is why humanity keeps returning to Earth (reincarnation), so they can finally understand that all this is creation. You are a being because you are alive, and this is life—that is all this is—just manifestation, going from one stage to another.

46 FV—How do we leave this Earth plane and move to another realm?

47 CFKW— It is just a matter of choice of leaving this body, consciously and unconsciously—not even knowing because you are not in control.

48 You are the human part that wants to express everything there is. You are bringing that energy to your source, which is the soul, the one who carries the load of the movement, and you are the one who picks up the information, the one who goes through the experience. The soul does not live the experience; it is the human body that lives through the soul. You see?

49 The soul does not get involved. It tries to steer the body one way or the other because there is a universal law that everything must be balanced. The balance will take place no matter what.

50 No matter what you do, balance will take place. You do as you wish because you are the decision maker (free will), but there is a rule; to keep balance—and you will be judged by your higher power, which is you, you alone, the higher power. The spirit is the force, the soul is the carrier, and the human is the creator. You see?

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Article 5— Man: The original definition of man is a human being of either sex; a person. Etymology: From Middle English men, from Old English menn (“people”), from Proto-Germanic manniz, nominative plural of Proto-Germanic mann- (“person”). Him, Himself. He: pronoun, anyone (without reference to gender); that person: He who hesitates is lost.
Article 14—The use of technology, such as digitally recording sessions with the CFKW, seems new to them, as opposed to having been done in past lives.
Article 17—The CFKW implied that they approve the recording of sessions, but they reserve the right to refuse to record communication at certain times.

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