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1 It takes years to untrain the mind into the common knowledge or realization that knowing our true identity is the path to happiness.

2 It takes years to understand that we have been trained from birth to become servants or slaves of this society as productive beings for those in power.

3 Today’s world is all about growth. Did you ever realize that growth—not enlightenment— is the ultimate goal taught to humanity?

4 When people realize and see their true identity, they will eventually stop working for growth and stop becoming slaves of this society while searching for true happiness. That is when true happiness will be acquired.

5 Once you do that, you will not rely on society to fulfill your needs and desires. See how they are steadily making us dependent on a system.

6 If everyone would enlighten by finding their true identity, as a group or in masses, the first thing they would do is search how to work the land as they would understand the repercussion of animal killing and consumption and start detaching from this world while finding a way to move forward into higher levels of realities and becoming one with God. Then the need for society to keep growing will stop.

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 Because I Have More To Say:

It took me years to untrain my mind from the common knowledge taught by school, family, and culture after I returned from my Death Experience in 1979. Still, I fell victim as I had to abide by their rules: Work for pay, pay the landlord his rent, purchase food and to follow the trend or become ridiculed. If in doubt on this last one, look at your old pictures and see how it would work for you today if you dress or have the same hairstyle of those days.

It also took me years to understand how we are still serving the same King that past generations served before us. Today is a much more complex structure, yet it serves the same purpose: There is an elected or non-elected ruler vested with ruling and authority over land and people in a society built for economic growth.

Monetary growth, being competitive, following rules, and social indoctrination is what children are taught from first grade to twelve and even longer years of formal education—the end result if a fully trained social-compliant individual.

The elder can tell how their grandparents worked the land and were happy with the basic and simple life. The same elder can tell you how they themselves had to work in the industrial revolution while their spouse stayed at home raising their children. Today both parents have to work to make ends meet while the schooling system educates their children. Can you see the trend? Is boarding school the next step while both parents travel to and from work around the globe?

Freedom is not in the things you have but in the things you can do without. If we ever get to fully understand our true nature, without theological ties, and by default learn our true life purpose, we can stop this non-sense of never-ending social and financial search for success and achievements that consumes our life in this treadmill to nowhere. Think, just think!


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Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

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