Do Not Be Afflicted


1 Life should be enjoyed by focusing only on the positive because when you look at the negative, you find the dark, the opposite, its counterpart. But you decide which of the two sides, or between both, you want to be in.

2 Being in balance and creating balance is relative. Where do you find the true balance in your life if, when it comes down to it, some people prefer to be on the positive side while others prefer the negative side?

3 The midpoint of balance is zero movement, which is where one truly wants to be. But this doesn’t change the fact that some want to see the good in everything, while we know that others seek the opposite, the bad in everything.

4 Seeing the good in everything is not about changing things with a thought because that is a desire that rarely applies to all of this. The desire to be oneself is not an imbalance.

5 It is about understanding from within oneself that everything that exists is good and seeing what others consider bad as good as part of what refers to its counterpart, which is seeing the good. See?

6 Your reality is your reality, and others’ reality is theirs. Therefore, if you seek movement, what’s wrong with that? You will have your counterpart somewhere else in the world. See?

7 Being oneself the opposite of another, one focuses on a single point when everything turns towards one side or another—positive or negative. You have to know what’s bad, be ‘down there’ to understand it, and bring forward its opposite, leading you to total peace. Therefore, do not get afflicted if right now you are in everything that is the opposite of good, whether socially, financially, emotionally, or physically—it doesn’t matter.

8 If you are going through everything negative at this moment in your life, have faith because as you know and understand it, you will move out of it to its opposite. See? Yin and Yang, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, big or small, weak or strong, it doesn’t matter; the essence of everything is based on desires.

9 Either you desire to live in scarcity, or you desire to be(*) joyful. The same applies to what took place over many thousand years ago with what it was within us: the choice between living one way or the other. See?

10 It was applied throughout the lifetimes of many lives before yours. It is still the same process, yet the difference lies in the complexity of today. That is all there is. But as you detach and conform to the universal laws within, see all the good in everything that takes place, and stop worrying, so then you can find peace.

11 But if, at a given point, you are concerned about the outcome, you protect your future by bringing forth (*)thoughts to the understanding that something could go wrong. You see how it works?

12 But if negative forces and thoughts disturb your mind, you will not be able to enjoy life. Even in the worst of downpours, while in a safe harbor, enjoy the adventure: You either choose to wait for the downpour to subside or proceed cautiously. See?

13 Do not fear; do not be afflicted. Everything will always turn out well. All you need is to trust yourself and maintain balance. You should not abuse the resources you have at hand. Also, do not worry about the outcome of this or that. Just tell yourself, “This may also happen.” If you see things getting worse, pause and take control, but do not be afflicted by it. Do not overly worry about things because they will unfold as they will.

14 Whatever happens may happen according to your wish and command, but the moment you act with rebellion, it will follow suit, and harmony is broken. See?

15 Life must be lived. Like with music, emotions are expressed, and one enters one’s space. Just as you enter your space with music, you reach into your space of understanding all that is, what is, and how it is, and live it positively, just as everyone else should do. If we live positively, regardless of our circumstances, we can be happy.

16 Take, for instance, when you burned your hand. You only thought of it as a simple “lesson learned” and didn’t give it much thought; therefore, you barely felt pain.

17 Let’s take it to the extreme. In the worst circumstances a human being may face, it becomes irrelevant because it will still happen regardless, and if you bring your negative thinking to the process, you may end up making it worse yourself because of your thoughts. See?

18 Look at things positively. No matter the worst-case scenario, the outcome will always be that you have succeeded—even in death because death would signify that you have succeeded and passed the test of life at one grade level of multiple stages here to be played.

19 Death is your graduation day. Regardless of your present condition, see it as positive—not thinking that it is the worst that ever happened, but knowing that this is a real process of learning growth, regardless of where it came from, it matters not. In due time, you will understand what life is all about and the reason for you to be here. See?

20 Once you understand this process, you will be looking forward, not in a hurry, but in due time, to claim your prize, which will be your death certificate, which means you have succeeded from spirit to human form (and back to spirit). You see? Not to sound harsh, rude, or crude, but this fact cannot be denied as we all have seen it through our lives and the informative media.

21 Without the informative media, we would have been limited in knowledge and in our human ability to assimilate what, in essence, we were meant for. We would have been limitedly informed by our immediate surroundings, dealing with our circumstances and behavior in a pattern we would have chosen to live by. This way, we would have worked with our (*)Karma so very easily each lifetime.

22 But we got it all complicated. We added more stuff to what we already had. We moved from place to place, transported goods, worked days and nights, created and built, and kept on living, doing all those things we were not supposed to do since our beginnings, leading us to create a world of our own creation. Now, we have to deal with it.

23 With all the information given by the informative media, keeping us aware of the different worlds and having very little to nothing to do with our existence, we have now made it all entangled together like an interconnected spider web.

24 Our connection with one another should have been limited to one another to avoid (*)exasperating karma as we keep evolving. But now, in the complexity of things, we all try to advance and learn even more with each lifetime, not knowing that by doing so, we enforce the thought of creation even more than it should be.

25 FV—How can we stop it?

26 CFKW—It has to come from within, from the core of our being, knowing, in essence, who you are, and understanding that there is no need to keep creating. By doing so, humanity would understand that all it takes from us is to enjoy life in its natural form, knowing our limits, what we are capable and not, and identify ourselves with our life source and our human form, which is the ideological order that was set in place in this session (Transcript.)

27 See how everything interconnects so you can see how the source of information is (*)One, yourself. You have opened the gates of knowledge. See for yourself: it is the knowledge from your own living experiences.

28 It is not (*)universal consciousness in any way. It is how you think, your experiences, everything you have seen, lived, and understand how creation takes place.

29 It came from your individuality, set in motion the instant you broke apart and became many: ‘My truth is my truth. My understanding is my understanding. My search for truth is the search for myself for what I learned and went through.’

30 That’s why it has nothing to do with that someone next to you, because that someone else has his own truth. The level of acquired knowledge depends on one’s ability to see, understand, and be willing to be in this stage of knowledge, wisdom, and finding oneself within the Self. See?

31 That’s why (it is said) you belong to a God, force, or source. Do NOT call it the Universe because the universe is a creation in itself. God is the source. ‘God’ is the name given in English, while in Spanish is ‘Dios.’ In other languages, it is known through different names, and when you add up all those names, you come up with a straightforward answer to what God is: The Self.

(Long pause, which led me to ask)

32 FV—Can you read minds?

33 CFKW—If you are the Self, and we all are interconnected—Yes. It will only make sense if the other person has his channel opened. It has been shown and proven. Same as with the spirit world—it is another world, but it is within your recollection of experiences that makes it your truth.

34 Someone might have to point out to you its existence, and then you have to make it part of your consciousness if you choose. If it does not exist in your world, you need not accept it or bring it to your consciousness. You see? As said, you drink from a fountain one cup at a time.

35 There is so much information out there that it is very hard to tell how many of those thoughts are thoughts that, through logic, take form. By attaching one link to the other to validate its reality, even if it has never been known before, it can be created to justify one’s thought, put it in motion, and make it feasible, but not necessarily real.

36 What’s real is only through the experience of the being. You could have lived some experiences that people recall also having, and they can see a path or a feel within their inner selves, making them understand that ‘Yes, I’ve known this.’

37 But this is for the few, because many are out there just thinking that this life is all there is because of what they have been taught from the early stages of their lives.

38 It is much like the math teaching example previously given (previous Transcripts), whereas, one is first taught to add and subtract numbers before learning to multiply and divide, before learning Algebra. These are stages, experiences—that’s what they are.

39 Bottom line: Enjoy life, be conscious, do not harm others, keep balance, be with whom you really want to be, seek what brings you peace, and find peace within yourself. You see?

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Article 9—Joyful implies either you choose to see scarcity in your life or joyfulness regardless of your surroundings. Scarcity comes when wanting what one does not have.

Article 11—‘Thoughts to the understanding that something could go wrong’ implies being aware of your surroundings. Example: You may be joyful that it is raining, but if the rain becomes stormy, you start preparing and seek shelter.

Article 21—Karma is the natural cyclical law of cause and effect

Article 24— ‘Exasperating’ implies that it has become a burden to the soul, having to keep rebalancing what has been utterly altered by the increasing speed of imbalances due to our accelerated creation rate.

Article 27—We are One infinite mind.

Article 28—The so-called universal consciousness is beyond our reach while we are bound to earthly consciousness. What is presented here is the interpretation of the self (FV) about what has been seen, lived, and learned both through life experiences and the Higher Truth provided by The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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