Letting Go Of Fear


1 FV—What am I?

[In response, I’m taken back in time. I can see many lives, way too many lives. It’s overwhelming—I feel it’s not worth it. I am no longer interested because I know it serves no good. It is best that way, and the best is gone. I can see what my concerns are. All I need to know is that there is something better out there by detaching from the earthly things. What would be the purpose of searching for past lives and being faced with those fears that I could bring to this life? I know there would be fear. I know they would have to be worked on; I must detach.[returned to present time]]

2 CFKW—Why do you want to see some specifics from your past when it would not serve you any good? For instance, if you have fear or uncertainty of deep blue waters*—conquer it. All you need to know is where the fear is coming from. Just conquer it and detach.

3 By wanting to know your past lives, you attach to the pre-conceived knowledge of what it was and no longer is. So, why bring it forward. You see? People seek for the past, for instance, through hypnosis, to justify a means to an end. You know you need to conquer fear, and by doing so, you are looking for an excuse—a reason, so you can hold on to the reason and justify your actions. That reasoning would give you a reason to justify your fear out of pity for yourself and from others.

4 But the essence is that you have to break some habits, bad memories, and wrongdoings through self-awareness and acknowledgment of what was wrong or out of balance. Just acknowledge such existence where you feel responsible to fix and let go of the fear, the negative thinking, and the holding on to, so you can be free. Stop making excuses to yourself and others, which will further delay your learning process.

5* Don’t even want to look at your past lifetimes. It is only after you go through this life and the many more to come that you will have an opportunity to rectify by seeing what you have done and will do, if needed, to conquer what’s holding you, learn what happened, know your achievements, and be free and proud of what you have become, but while in this plane, no—No.

6 Too much emotion, baggage, and identification with the self will hold you down as you mingle with the rest of those many other lifetimes. Justifying your actions and your need to know them makes you become a victim of your own creation if you don’t set yourself free. This Truth will set you free.

7 It is like wanting to go from point A to B. You cannot go from point A to point B and point C in a straight line without having to stop at one point to get to the next. Otherwise, you would be moving superficially, not knowing where to go, because you would have no goal.

8 Spiritual life is based on goals; one place to the other, just like geometry. Geometry goes from point A to point B to point C and so forth, not in a straight line. You see?

9 In regards to your best life, it is found in the purpose of your work here, now, and specific goal.

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Article 1—I do not fear being on a boat while in deep waters, but ironically, I do fear navigating my personal boat in deep blue waters, as if something from my past still brings fear in me. Years after this Transcript experience, I discovered and ratified that I was a boat captain while in a previous life, and due to my arrogance, I chose to dismiss warnings of stormy sea weather, my boat capsized, and I became responsible for the death of my crew members.
Article 5—References what is known as a Life Review that takes place when one dies.

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