Learning To Quiet The Mind


1 FV — How did Buddha reach meditation?

2 * CFKW — Silencing the mind. Logically, at first, your mind is filled with thoughts. If you manage to reach this stage through the thought and its imaginaries, and if you keep diluting the imaginary until it vanishes from your mind, so that your mind can be centered, and by being centered, you realize everything that is and is not, from all that I have said, realizing, without using the mind and imagination, understanding and comprehending what is, how it is and how it moves. And so, as you see how it moves, you entertain your mind while you are awake (conscious.)

3 That’s why the advanced smile and are always happy. Because they see the outcome of all this and are delighted because they know that none of this exists, that it is creation— manifestation that one resists so much.

4 And while in meditation, they just shift their minds to that space where they don’t think, and they rest… and they rest. Because when the mind understands all this, one’s mind gets tired, so one rests. You see?

5 That is why there are so many analogies. For example, the analogy of darkness — that when one rests, it is like darkness, which rests. But you have to associate it with something that does not create a negative effect to motivate them not to go into the negative and walk into the positive.

6 Because even though neither one nor the other exists, you have to understand that opposites do exist and remember that in the end, all that remains is to be at the center.

7 No matter what you do, there has to be a positive and negative fraction. Something good and something bad. It’s up to you to stay at the center above all. That’s when you rejoice.

8 FV — And why do things get off-centered?

9 CFKW — Divine Movement. You can’t control everything. Otherwise, one would be with oneself. That is why there are others. Many others doing and repeating the same thing constantly. That is why there are conflicts with oneself. Because we are all one, you continue to affect yourself, for everything you do, say or omit within yourself. You see? You hurt yourself, you confuse yourself, you misunderstand yourself.

10 But when you are at the center, it is like you being on the top of a mountain, where you can see everything around you; the good and the bad — the new and the old. You see?

11 So, quiet your mind. Seek to stay at that center. You already know your identity. Identify yourself with HIM, who is YOU, who is ME; the center of oneself, so that you can rest:
—Don’t get tired, be happy.
—Be like the advanced, smile.
—Observe, as a third party.
—Live, with experiences that may confuse or keep others from moving.
—See how each one grows in their own way, manner, up or down … it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they move.
—Don’t be distracted by thinking that if one is going downwards, let them sink. No, no. Just smile. And don’t let anything get to you. Neither allows yourself to be unbalanced.

12 That was what they criticized so much about Jesus when he scourged the merchants who desecrated his temple. He understood that there had to be a balance. He understood he could not comply with what he preached in the Sermon on the Mount, where he preached to turn the other cheek. And within his prayer, formation, or messages, its center was one God.

13 And his message of One God was geared towards one direction, towards a temple, towards a center. Just as everything must have a center in this world, so Jesus put God at that center. Therefore, he couldn’t allow it to be disrespected. That’s why he had to. That is why he did what he did.

14 And so he averted one of his own commandments by virtue of inalienably respecting the place he had made for the formation of an intellect.

15 Disseminated (today) but used in the past by evil, dominion, and control of the population once ruled. And they applied fear, punishment, and fear for who they claimed was, is, and will be, to control the population.

16 And now they feel trapped because worldwide knowledge has advanced to a level where new ideas and concepts are beginning to emerge, understanding that this was once historically correct, but not at this point because it does not help one’s spiritual growth. You see? YOU SEE?

17 You have a lot to work with. It is you yourself reminding you of all this. It has never been someone else. It has never been anything. It has never been anyone. Not even God himself … not even God himself. It is you who has managed to remind yourself of all this.

18 There is so much to learn in this life and so much that remains to be learned! But learn this:
—Religion was created by man.
—The concept of God was also created by man.
—Yes, we have had visitors from other worlds. But keep focused so that you know that creation is oneself.
—The good and the bad take you to different trains of thoughts, ideas, and concepts, created by yourself, in the divine thought of what is creation and the total understanding that one does not exist to oneself. Identification with yourself is what stops you, doesn’t let you move, and ties you up. You see?

19 Much hard to understand. But once you understand, you stop feeling sorry for people understanding that it has been their own creation, directly or indirectly, or their own penance, as well as understanding that they cannot understand what needs to be understood … to then having to come back and grow [1] to understand that what holds you back does not belong to you … and you move. You see?

20 And thus understanding all this, I will depart, so that you return to the place where you belong for now.

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[*] CFKW is an acronym given to those Ascended Masters who have preferred to be called “The Collective Forces of Knowledge And Wisdom”
[1] To grow is a simile to having to reincarnate.

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