What Is A Dream?


1 FV—What is a dream?

2 CFKW—A dream is like a magic trick. It becomes challenging to decipher dreams because dreams are a conglomerate of thoughts that freely flow while the body rests. They are memories of this and past lives; lives with intentions to manifest (desires) but not from the present.

3 Dreams are memories; essences by which the spirit is ruled through the soul. It is the flow of life moving freely without the present that the body brings with it to create the present. See?

4 The present only manifests through the carnal life, as it is known, because the present is the only moment where one can see, feel, and express at present what we understand as creation.

5 Example: When touching a leaf, all thoughts come together in the present moment to honor the creation of everything that exists. See?

6 In the present, the harmony of creation is expressed, touched, felt, seen, smelled, tasted, and heard, as in its manifestation, we can observe, individualize, and internalize in the present. See?

7 In the dream, everything that happened and everything that is about to happen that at some point we would like to materialize, before its manifestation, in such a dream, we create part of our future and live hermetically the experience of the past.

8 Karma manifests in the present, but it also manifests in dreams. Dreams are experiences and desires of what was, could have been, and will be because we intend as we live.

9 When we express intent, we feel pain, joy, compassion, tenderness, and all we know from our senses, being all in (*)abstract form, which is the essence of (*)man, as one may want to (*)deny the conglomerate of feelings, from good to bad, from light to darkness

10 FV—And I ask: Why did my dream manifested in a negative way?

11 CFKW—That particular dream represented your fears, where you found yourself without an income producing job, that restlessness from wanting to move, and you judge yourself, wondering if your writings may lead you to such movement. And you blame yourself in an alleged fault for not finding a job and self realization.

12 You see yourself in a despair of your own creation, an emptiness for finding fruitlessly your role in a moral and cultural rule that society dictates, which you apply to yourself. You haven’t accomplished it because that is not your path. You see?

13 How many others struggle in that very world with the intent of becoming their best, what society dictates and forges for them, leading them to that very state of mind? And how many reach that goal? Very few because the journey is not a crossroad but a path one trails and chooses to keep. But free will has its limitations. Not everything can be done; not everything should be done. No intervention is the rule.

14 In your dream, you expressed a burdensome sensation; a world of your own creation. There was no error, just a thought, a desire.

15 FV—What is wrong with a desire if it is not to make us hold on to what our reality is, which is the reason for us to exist in this world?

16 CFKW—(low chuckle) More attachment. You see? More attachment.

17 FV—What is Karma without an attachment?

18 CFKW—That IS karma. It is being created by you. You see?

19 FV—And what’s wrong with it?

20 There is nothing wrong with it. It is just more attachments. And what is life if not full of attachments?

21 FV—And what’s wrong with that?

22 CFKW—There is nothing wrong with that; it is just more attachment.

23 FV—And what is an attachment if not part of life in itself, and what is wrong with that?

24 CFKW—There is nothing wrong with that. It is just an attachment. We can go on and on about this, and the response will still be the same because life is a sea of attachments. But being that a principle is one thing, but living it, in truth, is another.

25 You can see the beauty in “What’s wrong with that” to prove a point; it is a reality of the essence of everything that is and exists, but it is just a word to keep people at ease and relaxed, to teach them that all this is only a temporary measure and that there is something better, tranquil, and different out there.

26 But in truth, a thought is a thought—a desire. And if you insist that there is nothing wrong with it because it is part of life, in essence, you are wrong because you would be influencing others into believing there is nothing wrong, and you would not be letting karma manifest as it should. You see?

(…To be continued)

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Article 9—(*)Abstract implies that its manifestation is not physical. (**)Man: The original definition of man is a human being of either sex. (***)To deny implies not recognizing the nature of the dream, as explained in this Transcript.

Article 11—I include this communication, although of an intimate-personal nature, to convey this message to those who may find themselves in a similar situation: lost, seeking to fulfill what society imposes, unable to achieve it, and unaware that in this lifetime, that may not necessarily be their role.

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