What Is A Dream?


1 FV—What is a dream?

2 CFKW—A dream is like a magic trick. It becomes challenging to decipher dreams because dreams are a conglomerate of thoughts that freely flow while the body rests. They are memories of this and past lives; lives with intentions to manifest (desires) but not from the present.

3 Dreams are memories; essences by which the spirit is ruled through the soul. It is the flow of life moving freely without the present that the body brings with it to create the present. See?

4 The present only manifests through the carnal life, as it is known, because the present is the only moment where one can see, feel, and express at present what we understand as creation.

5 Example: When touching a leaf, all thoughts come together in the present moment to honor the creation of everything that exists. See?

6 In the present, the harmony of creation is expressed, touched, felt, seen, smelled, tasted, and heard, as in its manifestation, we can observe, individualize, and internalize in the present. See?

7 In the dream, everything that happened and everything that is about to happen that at some point we would like to materialize, before its manifestation, in such a dream, we create part of our future and live hermetically the experience of the past.

8 Karma manifests in the present, but it also manifests in dreams. Dreams are experiences and desires of what was, could have been, and will be because we intend as we live.

9 When we express intent, we feel pain, joy, compassion, tenderness, and all we know from our senses, being all in (*)abstract form, which is the essence of (*)man, as one may want to (*)deny the conglomerate of feelings, from good to bad, from light to darkness

10 FV—And I ask: Why did my dream manifested in a negative way?

11 CFKW—That particular dream represented your fears, where you found yourself without an income producing job, that restlessness from wanting to move, and you judge yourself, wondering if your writings may lead you to such movement. And you blame yourself in an alleged fault for not finding a job and self realization.

12 You see yourself in a despair of your own creation, an emptiness for finding fruitlessly your role in a moral and cultural rule that society dictates, which you apply to yourself. You haven’t accomplished it because that is not your path. You see?

13 How many others struggle in that very world with the intent of becoming their best, what society dictates and forges for them, leading them to that very state of mind? And how many reach that goal? Very few because the journey is not a crossroad but a path one trails and chooses to keep. But free will has its limitations. Not everything can be done; not everything should be done. No intervention is the rule.

14 In your dream, you expressed a burdensome sensation; a world of your own creation. There was no error, just a thought, a desire.

15 FV—What is wrong with a desire if it is not to make us hold on to what our reality is, which is the reason for us to exist in this world?

16 CFKW—(low chuckle) More attachment. You see? More attachment.

17 FV—What is Karma without an attachment?

18 CFKW—That IS karma. It is being created by you. You see?

19 FV—And what’s wrong with it?

20 There is nothing wrong with it. It is just more attachments. And what is life if not full of attachments?

21 FV—And what’s wrong with that?

22 CFKW—There is nothing wrong with that; it is just more attachment.

23 FV—And what is an attachment if not part of life in itself, and what is wrong with that?

24 CFKW—There is nothing wrong with that. It is just an attachment. We can go on and on about this, and the response will still be the same because life is a sea of attachments. But being that a principle is one thing, but living it, in truth, is another.

25 You can see the beauty in “What’s wrong with that” to prove a point; it is a reality of the essence of everything that is and exists, but it is just a word to keep people at ease and relaxed, to teach them that all this is only a temporary measure and that there is something better, tranquil, and different out there.

26 But in truth, a thought is a thought—a desire. And if you insist that there is nothing wrong with it because it is part of life, in essence, you are wrong because you would be influencing others into believing there is nothing wrong, and you would not be letting karma manifest as it should. You see?

27 FV—What is a feeling?

28 CFKW—A feeling is none other than an attachment. But it’s only by letting go of attachment to others that one finds true balance because attachment to others creates an imbalance between what is and what is not, what can and cannot be, what is done and cannot be done, and pretending to be in two positions at once is not something that should be done.

29 You have to live one life at a time when many want to live (*) two, and many others want to live three. This creates conflicts everywhere. Only by breaking the addiction can one achieve living just one life

30 Live one life at a time. That is why it is called One… life. You see? It is only you who wants more. Live one life, your path, the one you have before you: Your spouse, children, and spiritual growth.

31 In your dream, you created a bridge because you were getting tired. You no longer wanted to fight or argue but be at peace. But the strong pull from one life to the other made you tired, and you burst because you wanted quietness.

32 This has been given so that you can see how you want no more confrontation when fighting for the cause in the dream. That becomes an extra load, and pardon my speech, but (*) it is through the tongue that I exist.

33 And see me now, and don’t take it on him (glimpses from my dream) because he (FV) doesn’t need to go through this pain, which is why the dream took place; he doesn’t know what to do with you.

34 Sometimes, it feels like wanting to grab you by the neck (glimpses from my dream) so you can understand, but I can’t do it because there is too much love. That’s why, in the dream, ‘he’ couldn’t choke you and instead pleaded for someone for help through prayer. You See?

35 (Prayer) Individualization is asking a (*)‘supreme being’ for help when there is no such thing because the creator has no power over your thoughts since such power comes from a higher power.

36 You create your own world, and you make it your essence. Here I stop because this is outside the scope of this message.

37 What has been told is a message to be listened to and given form if it is listened to, but if not, put it on hold for when the time comes.

38 Here is where free will takes place. Free will allows you to acknowledge or refute, Yin and Yang, black or white, good or bad, everything and nothing—you decide.

39 Live one life. Don’t try to live both. That is the interpretation of your dream. See the message now?

40 FV—Is this message intervention?

41 CFKW—Yes and no. It’s a path to wake up from struggling with your own decision-making. It is like a spark, like something given in trade.

42 At times, it’s intervention. The access we have to all this is also an intervention for those wanting to find the way through this path, to understand things for those seeking to awaken, but to others, no, this could not be given to everyone—only to those selected—because not everyone could understand.

43 They would mock and joke about all this and not give any thought to all this. They will just giggle, and a blank slate could only be seen.

44 That is why it is said that the key to the door is in your heart—within you, like the story of (*)The Hidden Treasure. This individualization is an intervention in itself to help others see the way.

45 All this is an intervention within ourselves. All this is part of our consciousness, making a judgment, right or wrong. You see?

46 Remember: A dream is a dream. Every manifestation in a dream brings a message, an interpretation we foresee and bring to reality, just like trying to bring a mermaid to the surface.

47 A dream does not belong to Earth, which is why it can be so confusing to many. When a dream stays superficial, we express our desires of the moment, brought by the memory of that moment when someone can very easily relate to a thought form; it is part of life itself.

48 FV—How can we foresee our desires in the future while in a comprehensible state when we are at the superficial state of consciousness where we can relate to everything that is and exists?

49 CFKW—That is accomplished at the deepest level depending on which side it is seen because it is at the most superficial level of all. You see?

50 A dream is either perceived superficially or in-depth, depending on which side you are on. And it is to merge into one or the other where it takes a lot of knowledge to understand the reasoning behind a specific dream.

51 Look at this dream and the act of wanting to choke someone as being none other than frustration: A desire to make a positive change in others and lacking the power to change people. The convolution, called evil, manifested as something bad or negative and was given form as “someone else” interfering in your dream. But in truth, it was none other than you against yourself as it manifested. You see?

52 CFKW—Ask some more.

53 FV—What about immoral or wicked sex?

54 CFKW—This is another manifestation. It is like living a second, third, or fourth life in experiences and dangers while seeking pleasures. Sex is none other than a spark of pleasure, received once in a while, and has been the method of choice for humans to manifest.

55 That spark of expression, called sex, and like every other type of expression, you choose to express at different stages, levels, and intensities, but be careful, for intensity brings forth attachment.

56 Attachment is an aversion to what should be balanced or not. It’s only a spark of emotions. That is why people get addicted to mind-altering drugs. They want to live in that other world, in that other life, so they can escape into that altered world created by themselves in attachment to things. And that is how unbalance takes form. And if given the choice, they would walk away (from this world). You see?

57 That’s all there is about drugs, none other than a way to be in a different stage, in a different place, where they feel they really belong. It becomes an escape route, the reality they bring forth in their lives as it manifests through karma and dharma. You see?

58 This type of manifestation is only one stage of what life is. This life of our own creation is making a life of our own creation, which keeps making a life of our own creation. This is why we have built so much predicament and karma, which is only the manifestation of expression given the form of all there is and exists.

59 And throughout cultures, religions, chanting, dancings, discourses, and all those mantras people have created to build their small new worlds is what keeps people attached to these things and revolve into thinking that there is something other than what does exist, which in truth is a way to see how life unfolds but in different ways, with various views, holding on to the moment with all that men have created; from fortress to new words, and the like. You see?

60 That is all—nothing more than a predicament in itself. You see someone’s form of message and see how they make them their own, to then claim to be the truth. You see?

61 That’s how it works, a manifestation of individuality, greed, and power to have control over people. And you can see the veil when you say, “I no longer believe in you.” They are disowned, which is nothing more than negative thinking towards your actions because you are not following them. You see?

62 Matter does not exist until it touches itself. Matter, also known as physical matter, is made up of living and non-living things, and are two different forms of expression. Biological expression is a high vibration of all that is and exists, creating movement and life, while non-biological matter by itself is a low state of consciousness, where no movement takes place and no identification with the self occurs.

63 If it exists, it is because it is alive. A rock is alive, as is a tree and all creatures. The fact that it doesn’t move before your very eyes doesn’t mean they are not alive. If they exist, it is because they live. This body of yours is a form of expression in human flesh. You see

64 Give this body (FV’s body) strength and overcome obstacles because this is the mechanism we use to bring forth the message that once it starts in motion, it will expand exponentially.

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Article 9—(*)Abstract implies that its manifestation is not physical. (**)Man: The original definition of man is a human being of either sex. (***)To deny implies not recognizing the nature of the dream, as explained in this Transcript.

Article 10—I include this communication, although of an intimate-personal nature, to convey this message to those who may find themselves in a similar situation: lost, seeking to fulfill what society imposes, unable to achieve it, and unaware that in this lifetime, that may not necessarily be their role.

Article 13— No intervention implies that it is on you having to decipher what can and can’t be done.

Article 29—Wanting to live more than one life applies to those who spend their lifetime chasing a dream or a series of dreams and not living their present life as it manifests in them.

Article 32— Implies that through my voice is how the CFKW manifest and deliver their teachings.

Article 35—A supreme being implies a deity separate from us that gives and takes away at will. This Higher Truth does not take away the help we get from those many souls/spirits assisting us occasionally.

Article 44— According to an ancient Hindu legend, there was once a time when all human beings were gods, but they so abused their divinity that Brahma, the chief god, decided to take it away from them and hide it in a place where it could never be found. In order to find the best spot, however, he needed to hold a council of the gods to help him decide.
—“Let’s bury it deep in the earth,” said the gods.
—Brahma answered, “No, that will not do because humans will dig into the earth and find it.”
—The gods replied, “Okay, let’s sink it in the deepest ocean then.”
—But Brahma said, “No, not there, for they will learn to dive, and they will find it.”
—Then the gods said, “What about the highest mountain top, out in the farthest corner of the earth?”
—But again, Brahma replied, “No, that will not do either because they will eventually climb every mountain, scale every peak, search every hidden cave, and once again find and take up their divinity.”
—The rest of the gods were exasperated. They threw up their arms in surrender. “There is no place!” they hollered. “The humans will proliferate, and they will find it anywhere we put it.”
—Brahma was quiet for a time. He thought long and deep. Finally, he looked up at the rest of the gods, a knowing twinkle in his eye. “Here is what we shall do,” he said. “We will hide their divinity deep down in the one place they will surely never look – the very center of their own being.”
—The rest of the gods rejoiced. Of course, it was the perfect place! They all formally agreed on it, and the deed was done.
—Ages passed, and since then, humans have been on a desperate and unending search, traveling every corner of the planet, digging, diving, climbing, and exploring – searching for the one thing they know they’ve lost and just can’t seem to find.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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