Where Love Could Take You

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1 Hunger is none other than a distraction as the soul gets bored, frustrated.

2 Take the mind away from the original thought and give it a rest. Everyone needs a rest.

3 See, while you are playing a sport, you don’t feel hunger or even thirst. There will be a distraction due to stress levels or depleted energy when your body needs to be replenished, but only because you want to take a pause to whatever you are doing for it becomes a distraction.

4 FV asks: What about those living in hunger? Are they fully distracted? Are those souls wanting to be distracted and not being faced with reality? Do they want to hold on to their thought, and that’s why they suffer?

5 CFKW—Those not willing to deal with the reality of their true nature will dwell on thinking on the negative over and over again—nonstop—blaming others just because that will make them feel in comfort rather than understanding the process and breaking the chain of thoughts (leading to suffering.)

6 Thinking takes you where you are—it takes you there. But love will get you out of there. Love will take you out of there.

7 FV—What is love?

8 CFKW—Love is none other than movement towards the original goal; to go back in union with that pure thought.

9 But love, as it is interpreted, has other meanings. People have gone strayed from the original source of love and created new attributes for holding on to it.

10 Your relationship with your loved ones are relationships you chose to attain. Because of your own thoughts, you desire that. But it is not part of you because you are an individual. And because of your individuality, you keep being who you are. You are THAT which you are—thought.

11 You take your thought anywhere you want. But do you rather take it down to self-pity, or do you instead take them to Higher levels?

12 It is up to you, and that is what I’m (CFKW) here to teach: That Love is the tool used to detach from the thought, the very thought that takes you to attach to whatever you are holding on to. You see?

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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