The Essence Of God



1 The essence of God is always described in disguise because it is the only way humanity can understand, relate and make sense, even when, for you, it no longer makes sense.

2 It makes sense for people to identify with a given form, but if you take that fiction away from them, life would no longer make sense to them; because for them to understand, it has to make sense. You see?

3 The essence of God has always been through the relationship between a supreme and an inferior being—just as it has been known to be on Earth: Inferiors and superiors. So, humanity holds a relationship with whom is superior for them to keep their humility.

4 Humanity has the tendency to be too volatile. That is why humility keeps them in place here on Earth; because of its subtlety, humbleness is what keeps humanity in place.

5 The relationship between God and humanity is humility. That is why it has been said one needs to be humble but told in a way that would be easier to understand.

6 The language, as a communication tool, only facilitates the delivery of a message. Back in the times of the known Old Testament, the message was delivered through intimidation, force, punishment, and scolding as a way to demonstrate the power of God over humanity for men to hold a relationship with such a figure of supreme power: Ultimate respect— much as the respect a slave would have over his master. You see?

7 It’s all about a relationship. The relationship between slave and master in the Old Testament becomes the relationship between Father and son in the New Testament. You see

8 Now, it is intended (by the CFKW) to carry the message with a new relationship more in accordance with the present level of human education (advancement), no longer to be the relationship between master and slave, neither father and son, and more to becoming a one-on-one relationship with oneself; more liberal, more comprehensible, and that would make…more…sense. You see?

9 What in the past made exquisite sense begins to no longer make sense to humanity and their understanding and relationship with things. Therefore, today’s message must be more of a relationship with oneself because now it makes more sense than previously thought. And that has been your entrustment—to deliver the message that way, so it would make more sense.

10 That is why it must be taken in a piecemeal approach, so it can make sense and for it to be more in accordance and in tune with those who listen, with those who see it, and with those who feel it, for it to make sense, to make balance with the relationship that one holds.

11 And many, but many, are seeking that relationship within themselves. They cannot find it because they get confused with the old—with the past. They seek to hold a relationship with one and the other and try to make sense of things, but if it is clearly explained that it is all a matter of keeping a connection with what is, then people will begin to understand because it will make sense to them—the meaning that stands today. You see?

12 It is hard work getting rid of the relationship one holds with that which one once was taught, where one may feel empty if one does not comprehend the relationship between God, the Self, and their fellowmen.That is why you must keep it simple because it takes time and struggles to re-educate, renovate one’s mind and get to where one needs to go.

13 And as for you, seek to understand (God’s) relationship to you and God’s relation to others because you also hold that relationship with God. You see?

14 And as to the definition between what is good and what is not, what is not of good (intent) is reprimanded, while what is good is rewarded. That belief we have held within ourselves for so long is now vanishing gradually so we can understand our pure essence and where we ultimately belong.

15 The message is being given to you as clear, pure, and as it is—in its essence, without the veil many keep seeing.

16 Between what is good and what is not, one chooses…one chooses. Just as you choose between what is good and what is not, it does exist in this plane of reality. But it is not about the devil or the negative, nor any other terms people still do not even understand—it is simply to choose. You choose what to do with your life and in your relationship with others.

17 And the rule is still the same: Harm no one, seek for the source, seek for that energy that fills you and gives you happiness, because it is all a thought, and one should seek for one’s center and to be in harmony with all who dwell on Earth: A universe that holds respect to what life is and understand that life is One.

18 And in the search for that One truth is where one moves. It matters not in what direction one moves; what’s important is that one moves. You see? That is how one moves, looking for peace and happiness; everything harmonizes, and everything is life. Think positively at all times, look forward to seeking fruits, life, and spiritual direction, and always seek what is good.

19 One will never stop searching for the essence of life. Throughout that search, one keeps trying to figure out one’s essence in different ways as a way one sees fit in union and searching for that force that binds everything. You see?

20 Everything requires persistence; everything is movement. For as long as one moves and feels the peace that brings the movement towards one’s ultimate goal, one keeps a relationship and peace with oneself. You see?

21 It’s all about the relationship one gives to things. Just as in the Old Testament, where men wanted to be the faithful sheep of the great master, and as Jesus did with the relationship between father and son, one keeps searching for a relationship with peace and harmony to reach a final goal of balance. You see?

22 Therefore, one should hold on to a relationship that would make sense, where one could become valuable and to relate to something good, a goal, a destination, where one can do one’s share to achieve one’s objective: To move in harmony with that which one is part of.

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