How Creation Took Place

1 Choose your thoughts, for they are all you have. They can make you whole or empty. You see?

2 FV—Who is the one speaking to me, who is giving me all this information?

3 CFKW—Remember, we are individuality but also collectivity. You are not alone. As I ask you to see yourself as a whole, meaning that we are One and come from One, and the essence is One, which is thought, that doesn’t mean that none of this exists.

4 There is existence in all this. We are a collective work of force. As you are in need to seek harmony within through your work by helping others, creating harmony within all of us. At the same time, there is a force, in thought-form, that seeks to help us all in the search for truth. You see?

5 The collective thoughts, we call it YOU. But in essence, that which is within YOU is not activated because of your own confusion in this world, but we, as a group, do help each other by reminding ourselves where we all came from and what we must do. You see?

6 That force which we tend to identify as a third party, is helping you in the spirit world. But that third party is not a mass (density) but an essence we term spirit, sometimes soul, as we look to identify ourselves with something we have—call it ‘ghosts’—which is the closest part to us to bind the density world with what we call the spiritual world. You see?

7 And that essence works by its motives through the original source, which we term spirit, which is like an energy that moves us all into expressing what creation became.

8 You see, creation was not an essential part of the thought as originally intended, It took form as the thought became more complex and understood the existence of things. You see?

9 It wanted to do more, achieve more, sees more, experience more, and that is a true desire that originated all in thought-form. You see? But once it was done, it was done.

10 Just as Jesus did his work and it turned up wrong (his murder), what is done is done. And our work is to move, in whatever direction we need to move to get us all out of this thought in density form, so we could understand that our true essence lies in just being what we are, which is a thought in movement in search for God. You see?

11 But do not see God as the ultimate goal. God is the source to help us all understand what IS in greater form so we can accomplish our final goal in search for truth and reach our goal. You see?

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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