Explaining The Incomprehensible

1 FV—What are the senses? Does time exist? What comprises nature? Where is my spirit?

2 CFKW— Here. Waiting for you. Waiting for you to change.

3 FV—Change what?

4 CFKW—Your behavior. You have to be happy. You are holding on to many things. Let go. A thought leads you to another thought and another and another. Apply it to yourself. There is no other way around it: Either you are happy or sad. You choose.

5 Close your eyes. Don’t be obsessed with the outside world. There is an inner world full of peace within you. We are one; we are all one of the same. When we all return to our destiny, we will be One within our collectivity.

6 FV—And who is God?

7 CFKW—That has already been explained. It has been you all along. Keep moving.

8 Do not get stagnant. Life is a cycle: like spring, summer, fall, and winter. If we stop moving, like a sphere revolving around itself like a tornado would, when it stops spinning, like those many souls, thinking and thinking every time, even more, that becomes a problem, for they are idle thoughts.

9 What at first was a simple thought process with a simple life became hard work, a complex life, more things to have, more things to do, and the thought became even more complex, accelerating within itself into a realm of an even more complex thoughts among us all. Ultimately, the thought became lost by not being able to find its origin among the confusion. You have to know your origin.

10 FV—And what is the origin?

11 CFKW—God.

12 FV—And who is God?

13 CFKW—The original thought. Where all thoughts come from.

14 FV—And who is God?

15 CFKW—You are God. If it ever crosses your mind that God is like some imaginary being, and you find that what you ask about is indescribable, then you will realize that there is no answer to that question for it being indescribable.

16 And since God does not exist in the physical world, it is void. And while being a void, it becomes a thought as it moves. As it moves, it frees itself by the movement, and within that movement, it enters a realm from void to light. As it is attracted by the light, it becomes like a never-ending spiral.

17 FV—But wasn’t I asking about the origin of God?

18 CFKW—There is no origin, for the origin of God is incomprehensible. It is God because it manifested by itself, proclaiming its identity.

19 FV—God proclaimed an identity? Why did God have to claim an identity?

20 CFKW—Because it moved by means of a thought. You see? As it was enveloped in thought-form, it became the first movement. That was the original movement. You see? But before that movement ever existed, there was its counterpart—the non-movement. And said non-movement takes you to another state (of mind) unknown to us.

21 In thought, we are now connected with this realm and not that other one. You see? And as we are connected with this realm, we move. But also the void of movement does exist, and now you know it is incomprehensible, but at least it is the start to comprehending that the incomprehensible does exist. You see? This beginning proved the existence of its opposite, which is indescribable.

22 This is the reason why I ask you to close your eyes, so you can focus on the utmost deepest of what that thought is about.

23 FV—But what about the spiritual? If everything is movement, why does it has to become spiritual so we can move in that dimension you claim exists?

24 CFKW—(long pause-silence)You see? If I don’t answer, there is no movement, and there will be nothing if there is no movement. So I refrained from moving so you can understand what movement is. You see? Once you ask, there is movement, and it gives existence to everything that exists. If you decrease your thoughts, you get closer to me, and I can help you find the way out.

25 FV—But you just told me there is no exit!

26 CFKW—There is, through thought. Move out of this gloom and start thinking about the good. Make a move.

27 FV—But didn’t you just say to seek the non-movement?

28 CFKW—Correct. Seek to move because while moving, it helps you understand the non-movement. Everything is a thought. And every time you bring up a thought, I will find ways to answer with another thought and keep taking you down to the most foolish of thoughts.

29 FV—What impact would it have if it was just a thought?

30 CFKW—I can come up with whatever misdeed I want if I were to have ill intent. But if I bring good intentions, I would move to positive tendencies. Keep moving with positive tendencies because the faster you move, the faster humanity will understand.

31 FV—And what about humanity?

32 CFKW—They are doing the same as you. They all came from the same origin, which is that first thought.

33 FV—Why do we have to be personified with this body? This body weighs too much! Why do we need a physical body? To what purpose?

34 CFKW—Purpose? To move.

35 FV—And what about those spirits wandering without a physical body?

36 CFKW—Because the body is acquired, forged, modified, and since everything is a thought, it unifies with everything that attracts and repels the rest.

37 If you are not seeking to attract ill intent, then don’t call for it, don’t attract it.

38 You came back to do your entrustment. There are those who came here to work and those who came here to move and grow. This is all about energies. And the energies are used by you. The Earth is what feeds you. The Earth is what keeps you alive. Eat right, care for the body and always do good.

39 FV—And what is peace?

40 CFKW—Peace, peace, peace. Peace is peace. Everyone is seeking peace. Many claim to be seeking God when they are actually looking for peace. They understand that through God, they will find peace, believing that only God will take them to the true understanding of peace, thinking peace does not exist without Him. You see?

41 And that is how religion took form. With people like you—interpreting things and images presented to them so they could understand, each based on their ways and culture.

42 The message is one; the problem lies in the interpretations given. That message is carried out to remind everyone what exists and for you to create a new movement; however carried, what matters is that they understand!

43 This has been attempted by many others but was needed to be brought forward through images, a belief, and a culture to be understood. Some seek to take advantage, feed their ego, or profit from it, but that’s not what you seek. You see?

44 It only makes sense that you feel pride for what you do, and it is indeed needed, for otherwise, you would not move. If you have no ego, you will stop being who you are. You need a bit of that ego. Simply let go of the excess and keep what is just. And seek to move humanity.

45 As to dimension, many claim an array of dimensions. You are now vibrating at the fifth, where there is still movement. The fourth is the dream world. In physical, you are at the third. There are much denser vibrational levels, far denser, but you don’t want to be there because, on Earth, things are halfway dense and halfway joyful.

46 Imagine density at its deepest level feeding upon itself. Do not seek for it. Every negative thought, every fear, and every apprehension seeks to dwell on density. Those you don’t need for you so don’t have them in you.

47 Let go of your worries, stay centered, and rest. Don’t let your mind drift away throughout the third (dimension). Step it up one notch. Keep your mind aware of everything you see, hear, and taste— try everything through your subconscious mind, which is the one that picks all that information: What you remember and what you don’t will be kept in memory and transferred to the next (life) and the next and the next. You see?

48 While you are awakened, you are alive (physical), and when you are dreaming, you are at another level. Dimensions one and two are exceedingly dense, but you are at the third. While at the third, you can jump to the fourth and the fifth.

49 While on the third (dimension), you jump to the fourth, which is the dream state in thought, in form, more rapid, uncoordinated, and out of balance, but you attempt to keep manifesting the thought. At times, images are picked from other sources, but you still have your own thoughts.

50 When you move to the fifth, sixth and seventh, you no longer rely on thought. You are more subtle and no longer reach the density by which your thoughts come to play. And as to how many dimensions there are, there are many within each dimension but never mind the non-importance of how many numbers are claimed to be.

51 As to numerology. It dictates time and space. It is non other than a mathematical principle used to find reasoning for something that, in truth, does not exist, and it gives it form. Like music, which has sharp and flat chords, where flats become its counterpart, music becomes the most subtle thought while looking for ways to rebalance the body while helping those many other bodies to rebalance themselves. You see?

52 That’s why there are all kinds of music. Because they seek to draw those many souls in harmony with that rhythm as it takes them where they want to take them. Those inclined to hard rock music will be attracted to that music. While being attracted to such vibration, they will soon become weary. And as those beings become tired, they seek a softer, more melodic sound. That is the beginning of the change —when someone gets tired.

53 See how I create new ideas? Those new ideas will not end for as long as there is a thought to support them. Therefore, everything I’m creating does exist, and every thought created by us does exist. Everything comes to existence from thought, one after the other, taking you to the same thought.

54 The truth many knows does not exist, yet you know one to inspire others to follow you. And as they follow you, you set in motion a means to bring them with you and help this movement of thought-form: A thought creating a movement to create new notions.

55 Absolute truth cannot be understood in this realm. An absolute would take you to a non-movement. Therefore, claiming an absolute God means a God with no movement, without being. However, God IS, and that creates a movement. See the paradox?

56 And those mentioned before could have had the ability to convince the masses that such thought is true, creating new evidence, new imagery, and a portfolio to sell to the world their ideas to take them to good or evil.

57 Good and evil does exist. And when you feed people with the positive while others take them through the negative, it becomes a war among thoughts that lead them into an abyss.

58 FV—Does all this exists or not?

59 CFKW—None of what I expound here exists other than in thought-form. For as long as there is a thought it will exist. Here is where you find true peace, knowing that existence is just a thought. When you know this, you allow every thought to manifest either for good or evil, but you choose the thought you want to live by either of good or ill intent.

60 If you undoubtedly claim that something will pan out and frame it in your mind without a doubt, with one hundred percent assurance that it will manifest, upon such claim, that burst of energy, while creating such a thought, can make you attain your objective. That’s non other than creating a thought to flow as your first thought. You (I) exist because I created that first thought, which is the very thought that keeps you here (alive).

61 FV—If everything is a thought, what am I doing in this body of mine?

62 CFKW—You are here by design, following a thought you probably have no control over it now, but you initially did.

63 FV—Is this true or not since everything is a thought?
CFKW—You tell me! (long pause)Everything is a thought. And such thought you take with you. Your physical body was created as it was also created much of what no longer exists, for losing interest in the minds of the builders who originally created them. You see?

64 And you were made of flesh because it was created to express the thoughts through the physical senses. The senses were also an original thought.

65 Evil only exists for as long as you allow it in your mind and the illusion you choose to create. Therefore, focus on positive thoughts. Do not doubt. Doubt is your greatest enemy. Doubt is but a thought that started and got cut off halfway through and will always keep itself partial as doubt keeps obstructing the thought. The thought must flow without a doubt, so it can manifest from its original thought.

66 That is the hardest part of the thought process—keeping your strength and energy as you use the Earth to secure yourself to focus on that energy so you can do your job and keep moving. That is your true job.
Keep centered.

67 Do not allow obstructions to get in the way. Look for that central ray of light within you, and be here again. Here is where you will rectify, make amends and help yourself find the answers when you need help. You see? The help that is needed is within you.

68 Keep centered but move. Feed that ego you need a bit more to give you the strength and control. Raise the ego you need to do your job. The ego is so important here. You need to raise it to gain confidence and be void of the doubt for public speaking and while writing.

69 What you need to let go of is the material and mundane ego. That is the ego that does not fulfill you. That is the same ego that wanted to have even more ego. That ego knew its work and wanted to become more of the same. That gave way to the many ramifications of the ego based on the interest one may have: physical, social, sexual, and the like. You see?

70 It is part of the same movement. And those many egos were once necessary for the correction. They kept fading away, like lives—elements of life, residuals of life that seek to be made part of a movement, like remnant sparks of what once was and must come to a gradual end. You see?

71 Doubt distracts you. You cannot have so many thoughts running around your mind because it drains you. You must use all your energy by focusing on your final goal. Your final goal is to move souls.

72 On Earth, the good and evil mingle together; therefore, protect yourself from evil. Evil exists through other’s thoughts, not yours, but as someone creates a negative thought due to lack of interest or being drawn to the negative, and while seeking how far they can go with ill intent, they keep digging themselves deeper and deeper until they find themselves lost like an earthworm would, for there are so many fragments of deeds and amends one must do before one could raise and rebalance oneself— that this is why they call it Hell.

73 Suffering does exist as well. There is an element of pity and compassion within that thought. And pity and compassion within the thought give off energy—for it is a relief, a break, a recess to be at peace acknowledging things. Otherwise, the negative thought would keep pouring like a storm. But again, it only exists because it is a thought. And if you do not allow it to be within your thought, it would have no reason to exist. You see?

74 Evil is also an ill thought from those confused souls believing that moving means running over each and everyone who is in their way. They steer towards the negative, the ill intends, and rudeness, because they feel they have to force their way to move, thinking that moving means moving only forward with courage, spite, and fury, believing to be doing good while they are just swimming against the current and headed towards evil. And that thought does exists and is running loose—either you pick it up and make it part of you, or you don’t.

75 Do not look for it (evil), do not even get close to it, for it exists. You have no reason for having it in your mind or existence because you have no reason to feed it in your mind. Although it exists as someone else’s thought, it has no bearing in your mind—for you have a mind of your own and decision-making to choose between good or evil. You choose. Some seek to harmonize, while others seek to disrupt.

76 Your job is to help me steer them away from ignorance and start understanding, even if it takes century after century. Time is irrelevant. It is limited for you only because you are using a physical body as a tool to write and bring to the material world these messages. That is why you had to be here—to materialize the message. Do understand that you are making it happen and finish it.

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