A Life Review Shown By The CFKW

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1 Your work here is to explain how things work, by means of creating examples people can relate for easy understanding of the complex process of life.

2 Do not pretend that people fully understand how things work as you, yourself, have not yet acquired the direct knowledge to explain how everything works. Such an attempt is virtually impossible due to the limitations of the conscious mind. (First Transcript-Article 9)

3 Neither should you overwhelm others with abundant details on how things work because both you and your followers may end up losing track of the whole principle behind all this.

4 Your work is to explain in great detail what transpired from The First Transcripts so people can tie the knots to what has become one of the most intriguing sets of questions that somehow people have not received a straight answer to.

5 The (unfulfilled) response to your questions resulted from your extensive lifelong research. Yet, it embarks the result of over forty years of living experiences sharing, and learning from fellow humans just like you.

6 As a reminder, it all started when you were about eight years old, and your father took you to work with him as his assistant. Throughout those years of youth, instead of sharing time and playing with your friends, you spent time listening and talking with the elders, mostly listening, and that’s how you started learning the complexity of life.

7 Later in life, after graduating from High School and after having detached from your physical body (car accident), you learned from the spiritual side of things.

8 By the age of twenty-one, you became an insurance agent, collecting insurance premiums from a book of business with over 200 people you learned to call “friends.”

9 With your insurance experience, and while enduring a difficult marriage, you were led to having to mature rapidly at the young age of twenty-one.This taught you to deal with people from all walks of life, learning how they perceived life and their behavioral patterns as you learned how to cope with each individual’s personality while becoming their confidant in many aspects of their lives.

10 These sets of experiences taught you of the vast combined number of personalities, experiences, and behavioral patterns of the soul. This you have kept in vivid memory from countless examples of personality traces, behavioral patterns, social and psychological conduct, and turnouts from the highest to the lowest.

11 After you gained a certain level of experience, you were led to request to be transferred and continued developing and meeting new people.

12 Further on, you were led to move and learn from a new group of people, and later led to move back to your homeland, where you built a private Insurance Agency to learn new aspects but from the opulent and business world.

13 Once you acquired the necessary means to your soul’s development, you were led to move “Here” to meet the source and at the appropriate time to receive, perceive and transcribe what today is known as The Transcript.

14 This is your work, this is your mission, this is your life purpose.

End of Transcript 111023213835

This Higher Truth from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom is being received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
— Transcript —

“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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