Understanding Suffering


1 FV—What roles do certain people play in our lives?

2 CFKW—Remember that we are all one, and all of us, although separated, seek to unite, in principle, in search of God. That is why man searches for himself and clashes with himself.

3 In the paradox of human understanding, man has always sought wars in a power struggle, not realizing that within that power is the reduction or attempt to reduce those incarnated souls that, once detached from this physical body, can opt for a better understanding of everything that is and exists.

4 Wars are created by hatred, power, desire, and dominion of what surrounds us by sheer insecurity and fear of losing control. That is the foremost reason for being. All wars are established by a desire for possession—for power. And that desire destroys equally those who fight and those who try to defend themselves.

5 Wars, famine—everything that instills pain is merely an expression and desire to no longer dwell on this plane, prompted by fear, which engenders the desire to understand what truly is to abstain from desire.

6 We look for each other looking for peace or looking for wars. The attachment to the image of a being that once existed and no longer exists is an attachment that deprives you of the freedom of your being, knowing that clinging to something brings you suffering as you seek the desire to remember, and thus, giving you pleasant memories, not knowing you are holding time and also halt that being. You see?

7 That other being is part of you. That being is that aspect of you that you had and used as a model so that you can exist. And that model was a conglomerate of desires or dislikes with which you understood that you had to work and materialize it. You see?

8 This is how humanity becomes the creator because all humanity does is search for everything that ties them to the world and seek to free themselves from such desire. They use every possible means within their environment to be able to detach to be able to understand, once again, that it is One who exists and everything else is a conglomerate of behaviors seeking their understanding within what is known as matter.

9 FV—But humanity needs to understand, and I don’t know how to tell them that all this is a play.

10 CFKW—Everything that is good and everything that is bad, according to your perspective, is the story of everything that surrounds us, and our own conflicts are none other than conflicts with ourselves to understand that this world belongs to no one and that all this life is a fiction in itself.

11 Let’s go back to understanding what life is: Life is the search for life itself. And that vicious circle restrict us (CFKW) and does not let us unleash our primary goal to bring this message to the world: That all this is just a play.

12 It is sad to see the world involved in all this entanglement, forcing themselves more and more into believing that everything that exists is good and that everything that one does is good. And those who see it as bad—those who suffer and the world weighs on them, are those who, for lack of understanding, want to make the world know that all this is bad. And those who suffer are just doing their job by showing those living lavishly that suffering is wrong, and thus, what they themselves are doing is wrong.

13 But they who do not, have not, and will not understand they will call this (our message) the abstract: Everything that is not understood, neither can be measured in words, knowledge, or reasoning which goes through the human body and conveys through the mind, everything that is understood but not understood, it is, by default, termed the abstract.

14 It’s no longer known how else to bring this message, because of those who once were led to help deliver the message, many found the good and the bad and chose the bad. And in the world, they remained. Whoever followed (the path), is the righteous one. You see?

15 But there are very few others, just like you, who seek to help the world understand all this, and sometimes they can’t even find how to do it. And they spend all their lives struggling to understand everything to realize that nothing is to be found. And therein lies the new paradox.

16 All this is being recorded so that this message can be delivered to the world as direct and accurately as possible in a given moment. And so you will continue to do so until you find a way to take this line of thought to the whole world and let them know that all they understand to be good is nothing more than the reflection of a story.

17 FV—And why keep going and going? (explaining)

18 CFKW—Because that’s all we have. There is no other understandable way to understand all this. None of this can be understood at the level you are at. But it is a guideline so that in the next life, or plane, all these aspects can be understood a bit more. Even not conforming with all this, the world must comprehend that life itself is only One.

19 The world is only one aspect of desire. Suffering comes from not understanding. Some call it attachments, while others call it desire. Suffering comes from not understanding how the world evolves and changes. The world is only one aspect of desire. And the way to understand it is sought by calling on to attention. Some utilize certain means, but not necessarily the correct ones to understand oneself. But in suffering is understanding: When you understand, you stop suffering, you stop mitigating yourself, and you understand that clinging to earthly understanding is what leads you to suffering.

20 And one seeks to remember in order to comprehend that all this is movement and all this is truth. Because although it may seem strange, and you may want to pretend that none of this exists, it actually does exist—in our minds, in our world, and in our reality. And for as long as it is a reality…it exists. And the mere understanding that matter does not exist, it is only persuasive to make one understand that “something” must be understood, but not necessarily true—that absolute truth that surpasses everything. All that is known is relative truth, yet there is One truth: The one truth that comes from that place that gives life itself. You see?

21 And when one understands, one stops suffering. And understanding or not understanding is a mere aspect when one gets weary of understanding, stops learning, and goes into suffering while searching for understanding.

22 When one suffers, one stops the very time to understanding. One does not suffer when one understands; one suffers when one does not understand.

23 But he who possesses and enjoys what does not belong to him distorts everything: It is no longer understanding and becomes suffering. That’s why many need help understanding. There are those who enjoy pleasures through an understanding and thus feel pleased with what they have acquired. But all that brings with it an emptiness that one must meet sooner or later.

24 Within the paradox, what’s known as bad is good, and what’s known as good is bad. That is why both revolve around themselves: For the good to exist, the bad must exist. And thus, paradoxes and vicious circles are created, where duality and what is and what is not, up and down, big and small, and all this and all that makes everything revolve in itself, so none of this is ever understood, and even be considered as a play by uncovering paradoxes to not understand any of this and using not understanding as an excuse to keep dwelling on Earth. What’s good and bad come together to create a vicious circle.

25 And that’s how the vicious circles come into effect when you have the positive with the negative, north and south, up and down, left and right: All this duality that unites and binds us is what makes us return to all this.

26 Each vicious circle is the mix of imbalance between all this and all that. You see? It is an imbalance. That is why it becomes a paradox, that is why it is never resolved, and that is why it enters into a conflict that halts everything. Can you see “all this” and “all that”?

27 When (your judgment of) this nor that, good nor bad, big nor small cease to exist, everything ceases to exist. And when everything ceases to exist, then everything is good because there is no conflict on either side, and one enters into peace and harmony in all this.

28 Breaking the vicious cycle of all this and all that is true balance; when you want neither one nor the other. Ultimately, impossible to understand, therefore, impossible to achieve on this plane where matter rules.

29 This is not understood, nor can it be understood on this plane, because it would mean to cease to exist. And to cease to exist as matter, you first must understand. And as long as it is not understood, one suffers and must dwell in density. All this and all that is what makes it all up. That is how matter is created: Atoms meld, go into individual vibrations and create the density that allows one to explore through the senses, which is only one aspect of what the world in itself is. You see? And all this is matter created by desire.

30 Some call it spirit, but in truth, it is desire. And desire is everything that one wants to have, retain and prevail. And all this and all that is our reality. And in our reality, all this exists and is beautiful—neither good nor bad. You see?

31 One sees the good and bad. One seeks either what’s bad or what’s good. And likewise, with everything that exists; either “I want this and that” or “I must not have this or that.” And so one is where one wants to be and gets lost while trying to experience all this and all that until one understands that everything that is good is the opposite of what is not good. But while with the understanding that everything could have been a play, in the end, it doesn’t matter because what matters is that there is an understanding.

32 That is how people were taught in the past: Through stories (metaphors) so that they reach an understanding. And everything in life has been made up of stories. Stories that have been intertwined while looking for a central harmony that could lead them to an understanding. But the problem was in the wording, for those who saw this and that chose to make the world understand the message they wanted.

33 And many have already gone so far that it has become so hard to understand and comprehend that no matter how much they modify and alter the narrative, all they are going to achieve is more of what is being sought: Recognition, power, ties, and all this and that which feeds desire.

34 And men will continue advancing in technology and learning from all this and all that, but it will be of no use, because it will only take them to a path further from what is the true understanding of all that is truth.

35 For as long as man continues to search for everything that is foreign to him and wants to make it his own through invention, he will continue to wander and feed everything that he desires. He will not achieve anything with everything that he has created and will create. He will only be feeding all the others with the understanding that everything that exists is everything that they can touch and thus make them understand another reality of understanding, through their traits of thought, which have become what it is called ‘technology’ to dominate all this relative truth.

36 People seek to purge (church) because they understand that this is how they cleanse themselves, but in truth, there is no need to purge. All is needed is to recognize everything that is wrong from a human perspective within the paradox of what is good and wrong.

37 This theology of purging has been misused where, in its origin, it was to force one to repent of what has been done and to understand that it was wrong according to the (trials and tribulations) of the culture they were dealing with. And thus, it was learned that by paying the price for the opposite (penance), one learned the consequences of doing wrong.

38 And that is why it was learned to purge, to suffer, and grieve to break the desire for what once was. But there is no need to suffer. There is no need to purge. Only to understand what once did and to not do it again.

39 That’s why they were asked to pray, that’s why they were asked to purge, that’s why they were asked to confess—it’s all a product of something that never existed. And forgiveness is a tool that carries the wrong message: That one will save his soul, body, or anyone around him.

40 Forgiveness does not exist. It has been a way to justify one’s actions and desires. And to forgive meant to have the power to absolve oneself or others to justify their own inequity.

41 All that is needed is to reflect and understand all this reality oneself. The problem is that one cannot see, feel, or touch reality. This truth is too well hidden in layer after layer we have built upon ourselves, and now it does not let us rest and understand that this reality is just a play.

42 Understanding is simply comprehending that everything that surrounds us is only a play, but we (CFKW) cannot continue carrying this message because there have already been so many stories that people no longer believe in them. That’s why the thought process has to be introduced in a way that would no longer be a story.

43 With thought-pondering content, little by little, we (CFKW) seek to undermine the thought process, removing layers of all those thoughts that have hidden the truth, like layers of rugs concealing all that is knowledge by those who keep humanity from seeing the very reality, to cover it all up, and keep them from seeing the other side of that other all.

44 And each time the light seeks to emerge to call their attention, they lay a thicker layer of rug to cover up the glint that the light brings. And they continue to be interested and diluted in all this and all that for wanting to understand the expression of creation of all that is desired through their thought and their senses.

45 And in the search for all that, one dawns into the understanding that this and that is wrong. And one keeps concealing and suppressing so as not to see all that and to be able to focus on all this and not all that, and thus move away from the truth. But many others seek for it because they are already tired of this other understanding. Although it still refrains them by their thought process, they seek to achieve (Higher Truth) by removing layer after layer of rug and regaining the understanding that all this and all that is none other than matter.

46 These are the many or the few who seek to do it in different ways as has always been done through what they called ‘religions,’ where today, they become groups of this and that so that in their own understanding, they can lead us little by little, one step forward to understanding all this.

47 Therefore, do not judge those who have wanted to understand things, superficially speaking, orthodoxly expressed, or archaic understanding, because they still want to cling to what they know for fear of the unknown. That is why many adhere to religion.

48 There are many who are bounded by the power of their doctrines and message by not being allowed to seek God and Higher Truth and walk away from all that hinders and tears them apart because of their suffering.

49 And there are many others who enjoy life’s pleasures worshiping all that, believing that everything they have is the creation and fulfilled desire from what they call God, not knowing that they are only falling behind instead of understanding that all this goes far beyond what is understood… and the thought is only one.

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