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This Transcript was initially transcribed in Spanish as I will explain in this Abstract. Therefore, the meaning of some words cannot be fully translated without losing some aspects from the original intent. For that reason, I have included the original transcript for those who can enjoy the full context as it was originally received. Click here to read the original Transcript in Spanish.

1We all came to learn from love and from hate.

2 In the most dismal of the animal world, love and hate are seen, but plants can experience neither, for being bound to earth.

3 They feel and endure but need not bring about for whatever comes their way, for free will does not exist in their reign. And not even resignation exists because resignation is knowing and not being able to do about.

4 If the tree holds on to a desire, it is love— because to love is desiring. And when one loves one desires, and that on itself becomes sin (to err).

5 But peace is everything. And nothing can stand above peace.

6 That’s why the concept of God must be peace, so we all can find this God you seek so much….and becomes truth. That is the only way to find God, no other!

7 And going back to the tree; when you water a tree, a feeling of giving unfolds, also defined as love, and a relationship unfolds.

8 The tree awaits for your return which is held by a sentiment and the attachment begins to bloom in the core of its being, enlightening the man and the tree.

9 And that’s how love begins; the dire desire to help in return for gratification—in this case, of spiritual nature— in return for something, even though it is often called “unconditional love.” You see?

10 But when the soul moves towards peace is when it seeks to detach from humanity, seeking peace equally among us all. That’s how peace is found; either cleansing for as much as men needed cleansing, as well as seeking peace among men, or seeking your internal peace. See how through this example there are three ways to find the same peace?

11 Peace is the core of everything (there is and exists.) Seek for peace. And when you find it, you will realize that what men believe, it is not and will never be.

12 And you’ll find that everything has been a dream for some and a nightmare for others. And upon the awakening into this spiritual world you will be set free, but here’s the catch: The law of cause and effect can revert on you in what you call a millisecond or an eternity as well.

13 Yes, time does exist, and it’s measured in eternities, quantitative as one thousand years.

14 Peace takes you to God. Love and hate are what we came to learn, in order to learn to detach from it. But because (both) turn into fear, that’s how it entangles with love as it takes you to hate and hate to love in a whirlwind that men refuse to see, because love and hate have made men kill and profit for love. Today is for love for money, possessions, and indulgence.

15 See? That is like living in darkness

16 (FV) And why here? (On Earth)

17 (CFKW) Because here (Earth) is where one learns how to deal with both love and hate. To learn to let go and live in peace, much like the analogy of the tree I just explained that not even resignation comes to play.

18 One is who one is and should be grateful for the experience lived …and seek for peace.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Copyright © Francisco Valentín 2015 All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


An abstract from the original transcriber, Francisco Valentín:

This Transcript is very special to me because it came from one of The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom who came forward in a unique loving fashion I could only express in the privacy of my soul.

The abstract I perceived manifested in what drove me to fine tune my preceptive mind into Spanish mode to facilitate the intent that could only be transcribed at the time in a uniqueness only Spanish words could express.

Although these teachings are probably not new to the reader, their profoundness goes beyond old teachings, for it brings within some element never taught before: The sublime essence of love and the true nature of peace.

I do remember vividly how I understood this concept even when I barely turned eighteen at the time of my car accident and prevailing death. Peace surpassed love, as it became everything in the realm of existence I was in. That same peace I found while I was taken to where the merging takes place during what i can only describe as my 2013 inward experience when I met the source once again.

I learned how love was, is and will forever be an action while peace was not, is not and never will. For peace is within you and is only found as you explore the depths within your soul.

Articles 7, 8 and 9 briefly explain how love becomes an act between two at the most sublime of manifestations. Go ahead and explore these articles to their most profoundness as you explore how love manifests in your life—even the so-called “unconditional” love.

And for those who may question the veracity implied in the example of the tree, let me give you a quick true story:
Not long ago, while doing my daily morning walk, I found a no more than ficus three feet tall tree that had overgrown its pot and was thrown away for the morning trash pick up.

As I walked by the tree, I felt the calling to save the tree, but I chose to ignore it and kept on walking. A few hours later I felt the anguish the tree was going through, and an urge to save it took over me. I refused to follow suit because I knew it was a tree that required planting, and having an overgrown tree wasn’t one of my preferences.

The following day I noticed that the tree was not picked up for not being inside the trash collection bin and the same feeling of saving the tree emerged as I kept my walk. By mid-morning, the agony was felt once more, and although I was not pleased by my impending action, I took a walk destined to save the tree.

Once in my backyard, I said: “Now what am I going to do with you?” I had no space in my backyard for being so limited in size, knowing that the tree foliage would eventually take over most of what was left of my backyard. Suddenly my eyes pointed at one specific direction, and an inner voice said “There!”

Reluctantly, I planted the ficus tree in that specific spot, and as I watered the tree, a sense of love and compassion took over me, bringing tears of joy to my eyes. I could feel the joy of the tree, and we both were looking forward to our new relationship.

Ever since, every time I watered my plants, I could feel the tree calling me and asking me for its favorite play: At its request, I showered the whole tree from head to toe as it rejoiced in our dance.

Today I had moved to a new place, and left the ficus tree in good hands knowing it will be ok and I had done my job. Today I miss it, and I know deep in my soul that it missed me as well. Luckily for me, I had made friends with the new property owner, and I know I will see the grown tree again.

Moving forward with article 12, the perceived intent was to clarify that not because I become awakened, total absolution for my previous errors will be heading my way. Instead, much regret and amends I must bare as I clear the path I’m embarking throughout this journey of mine. And is not to dwell for an eternity on my regrets but to understand, embrace and detach from what holds me from further advancing.

Those who have gone or are going through the awakening process can understand my words. And for those who have not yet gone through the experience, may this serve as pointers to help you know that after the experience, you will be ok as you keep further advancing.

As for article 13, this has become a persistent subject I’m prompted to keep transcribing: Time does exist. Not as we know it, nevertheless it does exist. Given this time as “eternities,” this is something I have yet to grasp, although one thousand years was given as a comparative timeline.

It seems the misconception that time does not exist is something that needs to be corrected. For the evolution of the soul to take place, a series of experiences need to unfold. Each movement is represented by an experience, and as it manifests, the unfolding takes place. How it is measured in other realms, is still a mystery for many. Nevertheless, time is movement, and movement is in all of us.

Be at peace, and may peace be with you moving forward, for now you know the truth that can no longer be denied. 

Thank you for sharing time with me.
—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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