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1 Take for instance the mischievous seeking malicious acts, hazardous behavior, injurious deeds, destructive doings, hurtful actions, wicked feat, and evil exploit. One can go as deep as one wants, or be driven to the darkness of torments and misery—true hell.

2 Nevertheless, at one point or another the agony, defeat or affliction will take one to see in himself what he has become and see hope in the realization that one can better oneself by walking away from the so-called “living hell” one has created for himself for the soul is to uplifted into greatness.

3 Paradoxically, the spirit world has no good or bad— it just is. There are those seeking to do good as well as those where mischief thinking surrounds them. Everything has its counterpart—one cannot exist without the other. Much like for it to be light there must be darkness; there can be no high without a low; one cannot attest happiness if it is not because one has already tasted sadness.

4 As it is, humanity today perceives life at different levels. Let’s say much like a range, a gauge or a measuring device to determine what’s good and what’s bad. The enlightened one sees good in all but also sees the bad. In the opposite view, the evil person sees bad in everything it surrounds him but also sees the good. When you go above and beyond that range (you call reasoning) is when you see it either as heavenly enlightened or from evil source. See?

5 On Earth there is good and there is bad. It is us who choose which route to take. For instance; eternity could be either hell or heaven—it is you who gives it perpetuity. You can be in the “eternal sleep” running the story of your life over and over again with no end unless you make the shift.

6 You create your eternal world seeing things how you want to see them; surrounded by the interconnected influences that tie us all and unfolding before you. See the people you attract, people you repel, those around you and those who no longer want to be with you. Isn’t that what have been seen over and over again?

7 It is you who has to make the shift through free will: Your ability to choose to go this or that way. People can convince you of the opposite of what you want, but if you do not claim your strength to your convictions and say “NO!” then your free will take you there too.

8 See? Free will is your choice to go in one direction or the other. Your convictions are the driving force, and your set of beliefs the determine factor: All geared to one or another direction.

9 (FV asks) So I ask, what is good and what is bad? Who determines that fact?

10 (CFKW) No one can—that is why in spirit world there is no good or bad, it just IS. And one may say, then, “Why is God asking us to go in one direction? Because God has a counterpart that drives humanity to the opposite side. And we all are called to go one direction or the other. Can’t you see it? Daily! Every hour! Every minute! Like a tug of war. It is you who chooses to do right or do wrong based on your principles.

11 And the message comes forward, without theological ties, this time around.

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