The Inward World And The Purpose Of Life



1 The astral world, through the conscious mind, inward, is where the beginning of life is found. As there is an infinite from within, there is an infinite that belongs to the outward world.

2 From the void, a first movement forms and materializes from its source.

3 But in its outside boundaries, better known as the unknown, there is a void of equal value not yet “filled” by matter.

4 The void inhabited by the spirit world is not yet perceived by many.

5 Haven’t you noticed that there is no element, molecule, atom, or particle in the (physical) void?

6 The void is much like a back hole where something becomes nothing, and from nothing becomes something.

7 The void encloses realms far from those boundaries of physical manifestation, and as the material world is ever-expanding, so is the spiritual world.

8 For every human being inhabiting Earth, there is an intangible number of (incarnated) souls inhabiting the vast universe.

9 If you seek to move outwardly, you will find the infinite of creation; therefore, you will never stop moving outwardly.

10 There are never two of you. For every incarnated soul, there is a cycle, and a cycle, and a cycle, when there will be times, as there have been times before you, from ancient times of freedom to empires to colonization and industrialization, to new forthcoming times, and new times over new times, in a never-ending quest for creation.

11 You look at cycle after cycle, not knowing if this is one of many cycles, and you may not have even finished the first cycle yet.

12 But also, you may be just at the beginning of the first-ever cycle, believing there are many cycles of that one cycle you are just starting to embark on. Or you may be at the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

13 FV— What is the purpose of living?

14 CFKW— To be. To simply be. Observe the I want to live, I want to see, want to touch, I want to hear, I want to smell, I want to taste, I want to feel, I want to express myself in human form, I want to experience life through the senses, and (paradoxically) wanting to fight it off and to stay still in order to feel the peace that brings the quieting of the mind, and express yourself thru the sixth sense.

15 And there are attraction and aversion, the good and the bad, and experimenting with life, either in accordance or not—who is to judge? If someone manifests in an unbalanced way, that becomes their experience—not yours.

16 And they will pay the consequences of their action, and their children, and the children of their children, in a wave of cause and effect. They may or may not regret what they did, but in the end, even if they don’t see it, the law of cause and effect applies to all, equally, at its own time, on its own terms.

17 You may think God is the way, and who is to judge? If we all are the manifestation of One and stop the cycle, there is only one way: the way back home.

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