The More We Find, The More We Look


1 You see? Once you understand how everything works, you take fear from your mind, because now you know what is and what is not. With fear, you limit your identification with what you fear. Without fear, you no longer limit your identification and you express yourself with what you are.

2 Let go of your fear. Fear is none other than uncertainty manifested in form, whether by thoughts or actions. Do not identify with what does not exist, because as you already know, nothing exists but yourself in thought-form made human by means of matter to express yourself through the senses which resulted from creation. You see?

3 And see that what surrounds you is a reflection of fears and expressions, not only yours but others, seen simultaneously, so you can experience your feelings relative to what is around you.

4 If it wouldn’t be that we need to understand others by their actions and reactions, then we wouldn’t have had the senses developed in collectivity for you to be aware of everything around you. You see?

5 Imagine going back in time to the simplest in the density environment you could choose to live in. Imagine experiencing the senses and the creative forces around you, but limited to walking from one place to another through your daily life. That could have been your world. You see?

6 And whatever you would have experienced, for instance, if taken into a mountain, then all you would have experienced would have been mountains, trees, fruits, green, river beds, and the like. But you would have not, in any way, shape, or form have the opportunity to seek water, as in the ocean or coast. You see? Meaning that you would have been limited to only recognizing your immediate surroundings, and that would have been your whole world.

7 As time progressed and humans strived to experience more and more, you see humans traveling from one place to another—either by thinking of their own dissatisfaction or survival when they could have been thinking of themselves and not the conditions they were raised upon, and then seek alternatives to extend their lifetime in this world.

8 In seeking, they chose to migrate to other places in search of other forms and manifest their experience further and further. As humans learned new things, new ways, transportation, moving from one place to another, they kept searching and searching for more and more.

9 That is how everything was set in motion. As humans kept seeking more and more, the more he looked, the more he found, and the more he found, the more he looked.

10 That’s where you see what the changes in the calendar teaches—movement from one stage to another. One cycle can take centuries, then another cycle can take thousands centuries(Yuga) By contrast, electronic artifacts today become obsolete in a few months.

11 What humanity can find in the external world is expression of the creation. But never will humanity find the origin of life unless one seeks inside of one’s true essence, which is in thought-form. You see?

12 Stop searching for the external world and start looking inside oneself because the one-mile journey starts with the first step. If that first step feels too hard to take, then it is because we have been stagnant for way too long. And if it feels too sad, so bad, so awkward, so difficult to achieve—that first step, then it is because we feel tired, but tired of doing nothing (which is) to move forward to where we need to move. You see?

13 We have been taking too much time wasted on thinking on creation, on the senses, on matter, or what we can see, or what we can feel, or what we can touch, or what we can smell, or what we can do, and have stopped to seek inside ourselves for that truth that holds everything together, which is the creation of it all, and what started it all. You see?

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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