1 The battle between good and evil is nothing more than the struggle between becoming spiritual or being engulfed with the earthly things.

2 As you get involved with earthly things, you get detached from spirituality as you seek other things that feed your energy source of life. Your feeding on the earthly thing, now becomes your motive, your way of living, your north. While in the spiritual search you look for godliness, you seek for cleanness, you seek for brightness, you seek for light, spirituality, etheric. You see and are attracted to all those aspects of life.

3 Both are life: One is the spiritual life and the other the Earthly life. Both are energies of equal value, of equal attraction because it comes from the same energy source of creation itself.

4 What spirituality wants is clearly to exceed as this source to rebalance and go back to the source so you can see the clear picture of the significant difference of both worlds.

5 One attracts the non-spirt, and the other attracts the spirit. Likewise at the same level with the same energy force both are attractions, both are aversions, because of the fear and uncertainty of the spirit world, as there is fear in uncertainty on the Earthly word.

6 Both bring with it fear, both bring with it doubt and is a matter of choice. You choose which world you want to be in, which world you want to face because in both you are going to have doubt, in both you are going to have fear, in both you are going to have attraction— desires.

7 The spirit world is not free from desires—it is full of desires: “I want this,” “I want that,” “I want to be spiritual,” “I want to have peace,” “I want to have this,” I want to have that.”

8 Searching for spirituality brings desire, and desire itself is an aversion. You see? It is a fear: “I want” because I fear the opposite. That’s what I want. If I want something is because I want to walk away from my present because of fear. “I fear something and want to walk away.”

9 So, through desire, you walk away because you feel discomfort in your present. So desire moves you to higher grounds, so to speak, because you feel threatened in your present position. You see?

10 So, looking for spirituality and feeling the desire to progress— desire itself is an aversion, a fear, like displeasure of your present, and you want more, you want something more profound, you want something more significant, you want something better because you are not happy where you are. And that is DESIRE!

11 Same desire that drives you to earthly things—and you want more. You want more gratification, you want better things than your present conditions, and you live in this world so complicated, so full of needs and wants and accomplishment. And when money rules on Earth then you are in trouble, because desire will take you further and further from spirituality.

12 But spirituality is also an aversion because you seek for spirituality because you fear earthly things. You want through desire to move into spirituality, you see?

13 (FV asks) So if it’s also an aversion, so, where can you be free?

14 (CFKW replies) Nowhere. Either world does not give you freedom, does not give you peace, unless you cease to exist. Let me put it this way: You seek for spirituality because you want to feel your identity as a spiritual being.

15 But looking for your identity by itself is to go astray. So, through spirituality, as strayed, as in human life, you are attached to individuality itself—not to be whole, but through your individuality, searching through your individuality, through desires, for you as an individual to see holiness.

16 But when you reach that point you do not want to cease to exist because you want to be an individual, and through individuality, in spirituality, you want to see yourself, you want to feel yourself, you want to be The Self. You see?

17 So, the spiritual path is no better than the earthly path because both will lead you to individuality.

18 (FV asks) So how do I find the way?

19 (CFKW replies) The only way to find the way is to cease to exists. To cease the desire to be an individual either way. In the good sense of the search is not dying. Because dying is to disown, to reject one’s life. For dying out of disowning will take you further and further away. Dying is giving up, and NO-ONE-DOES-GIVE-UP.

20 Giving up is the most coward of all desires. The desire to give up is the desire to disown the existence of what is and exists, and to cease to exist to no longer exist and live negatively or disowning.

21 That is not life, that is not love, that is not searching. And spirit’s purpose is not to do that. Its purpose is to excel, to look for the true self, which is not found in individual form. It is found in the collective of all energy and spirits that make all this exist.

22 It is thru not breaking that ice of individuality that is keeping us frozen in eternity because we cannot see, we cannot feel that desire itself for individuality. You see?

23 That desire for individuality is keeping you holding on frozen, so, to unfreeze, we want to cease to exist, we want to let go of individuality, and that is an impossible task unless we see from the goodness of our heart the true separation from individuality—and grow.

24 (FV asks) So why am I looking now to earthly things?

25 (CFKW replies) Because you want to strive to live and write and deliver the message because that is your purpose in life. That is your true purpose in life. Spread the word, deliver the message, let everybody know…(it continues with personal advice)


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