Why should you read this Transcript page?


The Transcripts bring forward the one concept that goes far beyond Hinduism, far beyond ancient tablets and even farther than the history of the gods.

This one concept has been known for eons, and long forgotten by many. Today, those who have come forward from higher realms and be known as the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom bring afloat this one concept once known as the concept of Oneness.

The concept of oneness is none other than the realization that we are One of the same nature and are reign by one *Universal Rule and one *Universal Law.

This concept of Oneness is being brought forward by The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom through insights of Higher Truth as I receive, perceive and transcribe from time to time.

Although at times those insights may take much pondering to grasp they also bring easy to understand analogies and metaphors to help us all remember what we never forgot but kept buried deep inside all of us for lack of support.

My work is to help you change your perception of life, so life can make sense once again. Once you know your true identity, life will become meaningful while you choose what direction to take: Either to keep evolving in harmony with others as one of the same or to choose the path to return home—that simple.

These insights are being transcribed as The Transcripts, with over five hundred recorded accounts (and counting,) as the message comes forward without theological ties, this time around.

This is my mission: To bring awareness as to the active presence of The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom in these times and to archive The Transcripts for this and future generations to come.

If after reading my words, you feel compelled to serve in any way you can to help me spread the word around the globe by any possible means, please contact me to see in what ways you can help.

—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

*Universal Rule, better known as The Golden Rule: Not to do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

*Universal Law, better known as the Law of Cause and Effect, acting upon the Golden Rule: For whatever harm you do to others, you do to yourself.



Share this message with others—and remember the last spoken words from The First Transcript:

“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”39First Transcript

Help me spread these words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say: “Look what I found on the internet—see if it makes sense to you.” That’s all I ask. Remember: “We are one, and as you help me you advance.

“Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

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