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1 The brain is the receptor that transmits a thought into images depending on the individual’s choice of how to understand things—some through analysis, others through visualization, and others by just listening.

2 Some feel it, while others simply receive it and do not give much thought to it.

3 FV — But that thought originally comes from somewhere, right?

4 CFKW: It comes from oneself. Since the thought comes from oneself, then it is not possible to think that it comes from external forces as many think that it comes from heaven, identified by them, as they have been indoctrinated. But in truth, that thought comes from within oneself.

5 FV — And what is One?

6 CFKW — One, here, right now, is the sum of all that this body is. Therefore that thought comes from within oneself.

7 FV — And where is the inside within oneself?

8 CFKW: Simply within oneself.

9 FV — If we are emptiness, where does the thought come from?

10 CFKW — From that origin, from that emptiness. Therefore the void is within us and not outside. What we see as empty space is the empty space that we see on the outside; yet it is the same empty space that we have within us all. It’s just defined by density — creation by oneself, you see?

11 And that same emptiness that is seen outside is the same void that is within. Just as it is inside, it is outside — as above so below.

12 Therefore, that thought coming from the void is the same void that we see from the outside world with our eyes.

13 We can see the void because that abstract, that emptiness that the human eye has to perceive to work within density and see distance, can only be seen through the void, you see?

14 That emptiness is what creates the distance but interconnected with other essences of creation within the soul.

15 What we see outside we see inside — emptiness. So when we close our eyes, we see emptiness … that absence of light.

16 Everything that is light is movement, and everything that is movement is creation: Creation of the entire world through that movement that originally was vibration and today is light, you see?

17 FV — And if all thoughts come from oneself, from within: In what part of the body should people search?

18 CFKW: Well, if you want to put it that way … through the center; the center of our body to define something, in time and space within all of this. Let’s call it “its center.” And that from this center arises the essence and movement of all this, which is called the body: Instrument used to be able to perceive all this, in the very desire to experience all this.

19 It is so simple. Everything is easy to understand. What has complicated things has been the combination of so many other lies imposed by those who want to hold on to all this in order to justify what they already learned and defined to manipulate the masses to believe that all this is real, to then be able to justify staying attached to all this.

20 But if from the beginning we would understand the essence of life itself, such as it is, from its origin and why we are here, from childhood, understanding this concept… (chuckles) by the time the child enters First grade, would already have known all this: What so many years take for one in search for this knowledge, after having been contaminated with so much external information of everything that is and exists, it becomes a monumental job to try to rediscover all this.

21 However, if this is undertaken from childhood, and after having reached first grade, all this should be already known. But for this, it would be necessary to create a realm of new understanding to start freeing oneself little by little, just as one seeks to untangle a necklace, meticulously, extracting everything for which the writing on knowledge has been misrepresented, purifying the mind again with new understandings, breaking it from that knowledge to which the entire world has been subjected by so many years of intimidation, power and desire, from all those who seek to taint this world with their own desires. Likewise it is necessary to meticulously untangle it and understand that this is a process that takes a looooong time. But that being one’s desire, to seek to re-balance all this, any speck of progress makes it worth going through all this.

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