Truth Is One; Interpretations Many


1 Truth is one, interpretations many.

2 One’s spirit mostly reveals current lifetime memories and not those from past lives. What one does is to tie the knots in an attempt to make sense of things.

3 That is why our truth is relative. Our truth is based on preconceived information entangled with the conscious mind to generate the idea that something is real. Then one tries to figure out what to make of it once you realize the complexity of said truth when the truth is only one and the interpretations make it relatively true, but real true knowledge, real truth, is only known at the source level.

4 From the source, we only know what has been given now, just as we only think we know because of what our parents taught us. Even when we realize that we are the purest essence from the source, even if we return to that point of pure essence in creation, closest to the source as possible, even at that point, our truth would be relative because it will always be based on our interpretation within our reality. You see?

5 Truth is one, only known at the source level, just as I explained before; the God we know is only an infinitesimal part of what no one knows, nothing that is known, nothing that exists.

6 Everything is just an interpretation of what truth might be based on our preconceived knowledge, the information given, experience achievements, and all there is.

7 If you ever attempt to find the ultimate truth, even though that is the ultimate goal, it will never be found. So, be content with the journey in search of truth because that is the motivation to get to the source. You see?

8 If humanity, if the soul, if the spirit is ever encountered with that ultimate truth, it will stop searching because it will find the truth and will stop moving.

9 If deluded in this idea, one will become engulfed in believing of having absolute power over knowledge, which will never be granted because it cannot be grasped by such a deluded mind.

10 The ultimate truth is only known at the source level. We don’t even know the source because our knowledge of God is just an infinitesimal part of what IS. God is just an expression; God is part of all.

11 That is why relative truth is ever changing, because it is based on interpretations and experiences. It may be your truth, and your truth may be your knowledge, based on your experience as of today, or how things should be for you and for humanity as you see fit to help you understand based on your interpretation.

12 FV—Why are so many thinking the same way?

13 CFKW—Because they found a path, not their path but a path. A path that they perceived to be the one that would take them Home.

14 And the path is already drawn for spirit to walk in to help them understand in a collective way which way to go. Not because God created the path, but because previous entities established such a path. And they left a trail, and that trail was found by someone else, and that someone else followed that trail, and found out that trail is in union and is in accordance with his previous thoughts, like a wind and the sail to take you to their destiny. That is how religions were formed: By a previous thought creating a path followed by many.

15 FV—But are those paths real?

16 CFKW—They are all real. There are many paths out there to follow. You can make a new path. None is better than the other. It is just a path that draws people to it. They feel attracted to it. They feel it goes in accord with their line of thought, which was created by them, following a previous thought that makes sense to them. You see how it works?

17 FV—Will this one take me to the source?

18 CFKW—It is up to you.

19 FV—Have they been taken to the source?

20 CFKW—That will be up to them. In this lifetime, the term is so very short that one lifetime will never take you. You see?

21 It is up to the soul to keep moving forward in whatever route it chooses. And no one knows what route the individual soul decides to go through in another life. There may be much work to do in other areas, and by exercising free will, the person may “miss the boat.” You see?

22 It is only an infinitesimal route we take in one lifetime while searching. Getting closer is only a matter of making more sense than before.

23 That is why there is so much diversity, because in diversity, people think they are on the right track based on their emotions, feelings, and what they want to achieve. And achievement is the driving force for one to move forward with whatever the soul wants to do at that time.

24 Achievement is the driving force. Either you want to achieve enlightenment or achieve having a job, family, or business. Achievement is the driving force leading to your path.

25 That is why there is so much confusion when one wants to achieve glory and you feel compromised by spiritual guilt. You cannot have it both ways—either one or the other—and that is where humans get stuck in confusion, not knowing which way to go—which God to serve, so they say. You see?

26 In order to achieve movement, you have to commit to a movement, to a path, to a destiny. Multiple paths equates to multiple destinies. For instance, if someone wants to be successful, make money, and have financial peace of mind, by doing so, that person will have little time for spiritual work. Then, when that person retires, wants to achieve the maximum spiritual growth, and you see that whatever little can be obtained keeps demanding from them. You see? They have to leave one behind and move to the other.

27 Many try to do both and find themselves in contradictory circumstances, which is very common among humanity, and don’t know which way to go. They don’t want to leave one without the other, and that is an attachment in itself. And within their happiness in the late years of spiritual growth, it takes a toll having to detach from those many attachments built throughout their lifetime. You see?

28 One lifetime does so very little for the soul. That is why so many souls have felt let down, disappointed, became confused, and have kept themselves in this vicious cycle, which is none other than this world we live in, which, as it becomes densely populated, collectively speaking, the less they move.

29 And the lack of movement creates a collective group that stalls its movement, and it weights on them, hurts them, and the movement is lesser and heavier, and the weight becomes unbearable. Many feel something must be done to release the weight; that is where dismay comes to play. And while in dismay, one loses faith in the movement, and one stalls.

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A4- “…nothing that is known, nothing that exists” implies that not only is it unknown but is something unknown even at the Akashic level, and ‘nothing that exists’ because what exists comes from creation.
A9-This article continues to reference God’s true nature we have yet to comprehend.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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