Reaching New Planes of Reality—Explained

1 To explain one plane of reality, I have to go there and get the feeling, so I can show you by translating it into words. But in truth, it is our ability to move from one plane to another what makes us understand how things work.

2 Trying to understand this from our rational mind is an impossible task because it doesn’t work that way. It has been designed for that purpose, for if you are not ready, you will not get it.

3 It has been written in the story of the [1]’hidden treasure.’ It was easier to explain that way, in an indirect form, for it to become easier to understand because the human mind would not be involved in rationalizing how it came to be. Otherwise, the questioning would have kept rising as to how it got to be that way—endlessly—whereas a fable would be unquestionable, for it is just a fable.

4 FV—And how did the word “gods’ come about?

5 CFKW—Because the significance of the word ‘gods’ meant to come from a greater power you would not dare questioning. You see?

6 Enlightenments is our own ability to move on different planes of realities without being attached to the body.

7 At this moment, I can experience that relation because I can detach from my physical body. That doesn’t mean I have become a spirit, ghost or going here, there or being in a different state.

8 I am that I am. I’m still myself, I’m still Francisco Valentin. The only difference is that I’m aware that I Am. You see?

9 I am. And as I’m aware that I am, I can be aware of everything else because everything else makes sense at a higher level. At the fifth-dimensional level, everything makes sense: A thought coming from a previous thought and so on…and our relation to it.

10 Then I come back, and I’m still the same one—I am still the One. Just as the catchy phrase “you live only once.” It has been used in many different contexts, such as through the third dimensional level as the belief that you were created by means of scientific reasoning and then you die—end of story.

11 But when you say “you live only once” at a fifth-dimensional level, you realize that you live only once, for being one life evolving. Therefore, since the Spirit is One in constant evolution, as above, so below, it’s only One. Therefore, it is [2]One life, and you live only once. You see?

12 In the fifth dimension, the physical body is irrelevant, secondary, and residual of what it is, for once you move through time and space, the body decays and eventually goes through the process called ‘death.’

13 But at the fifth dimension, you come to realize that death is non-other than a transition from one stage to another, just as you move from one dimension to another, where at the fifth you raise your consciousness level, and through your desires and aversions you go to the third, fourth, fifth. You see?

14 Likewise, the body becomes irrelevant. You raise to other dimensions for no longer having attachments to your body. Your body becomes that secondary part of your being, and no longer needing to have an experience, because now you learn at a different level, where you find yourself at a different level.

15 You keep on with your search and your questioning of the process at a different level, so you can come to peace and in terms with what you are.

16 Not everyone is here to find their way out. There are others that just want to be and enjoy life. But enjoyment comes at a price. Do you want to know what it is? Getting caught into the realization, in thought-form, that this is all real—when it’s not. You see?

17 At a third-dimensional level, life is VERY real because the density level is much greater, and it is felt—like pain. Do you know how pain is felt?

18 A good example is emotional pain. When you feel the emotional pain, you say, “it hurts.” But how can an emotional pain hurt when there is no physical body to feel the hurt? You see?

19 But because we need to use words to create new terms in accordance and in tune with our thinking, we make it real. So, when you claim you are feeling pain, you are not feeling pain.

20 When you are at the fifth, you will understand it all. Then you can relate to everything as it is. You can ask questions and get answers based on the experiences you can recollect and understand but limited to your experience. Not all experiences, but experiences you can relate to and recall at that level.

21 Beyond the fifth, you can go to higher levels of consciousness. And at the sixth, those consciousness levels are much more advanced beyond comprehension. And as we progress, we lift ourselves from the density that gives this third-dimensional level—for this life is much denser, much heavier, much complex.

22 Not that something wrong is bound to happen. It’s just that life’s complexity keeps increasing, taking you there.

23 FV—Will the world eventually end?

24 CFKW—It is unknown. There are things not available to tell. Remember human limitations. But there will always be a rebalancing, and you create your own reality.

25 If you keep yourself within your reality, life will go by with happiness, for not being at the density level that would take you to experience the strong and heavy negative charges.

26 It is you the one who will make the difference because, in truth, everything is a thought. Everything is a creation of yours.

27 FV—And what about others’ creations?

28 CFKW—That is other’s creation. And provided the connection you have with that which has already been created; and the relationship you may have with such connection, makes you experience or go through those density levels as well. You see?

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[1]Hidden Treasure is a Hindu legend I researched and found as it has been titled “Where The Treasure Lies.”
[2] You are the sum total of all your experiences since the First movement took form.

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