The Code Has Changed


1 CFKW—People need to know that the code has changed. What was taught in a way now is learned in another, as if the code had changed by trend.

*[FV-I was immediately taken to follow a pattern where numbers were given. The number sequence was following a pattern of knowledge, something that was being taught—a different way of thinking—and how there were a few who actually knew that those were the patterns, which now have changed.]

2 CFKW—Those few are acknowledging the old teachings with a lot of resistance but, through conviction, are learning to follow the new pattern, not knowing how it works but acknowledging it, just like you are right now.

3 You know there is a new pattern, you fought against it, but now you know you must follow the new pattern because the old pattern is old and gone. This is a new pattern you are teaching others to follow. You see? That is your true commitment.

4 Humanity has to understand that the old has changed, people are changing little by little, and the teaching continues, in another way, in another form.

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Article 1—[FV]—At this stage of my learning process I was taken, while in a trance, to experience firsthand certain accounts in other realms of manifestation. This is how I learned that while sleeping, what many consider to be a dream, is actually living experiences of the soul while detached from the physical world and taken to learn, through experience, what was being taught. This does not imply that every dream is a journey to the other side. The experience of your soul while you are asleep is a profound subject full of variances that I explain in depth over my live lectures.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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