The Paradox of Life (Part 2 of 3)

(Continues from last week’s part 1)

18 That’s why you see suffering all over the world; because power reigns on Earth. And power in itself created the basic definition of *prey and predator. And there is a constant fight for survival between prey and predator. Power strives through an energy force needed to manifest itself. And for the predator, that moving force becomes the prey, which is something to feed from to survive.

19 FV—And who is the prey?

20 CFKW— The one holding on to a world that is no longer understood, no longer wants, and no longer desires to belong to. And one becomes the prey as one becomes the weakest link in the realm of this world.

21 *You become the prey when you no longer want what is needed to thrive and survive. You give up; you give into your energy because you no longer want that power for being tied to this plane of reality and don’t know what to do with it.

22 Through suffering, you find a way to detach because, in truth, you want to detach and become ‘the lesser’ to survive. You see?

23 It is like a fight between good and evil; what is good becomes the prey, and the evil becomes the predator. You see the paradox? For one is good to survive, to become powerful, to strive, to make it happen—for that one, it is all good. But for the prey, it is bad because suffering takes place, and that makes it bad. That becomes a paradox because the prey is the good, and the predator becomes the evil.

24 When one is in the position of becoming the prey, sees only what is all wrong, sees all bad, sees all negative. And the paradox is that becoming the prey is becoming detached, which is the good in the spirit world. When it comes to detachment and becoming free from that creation made by humans, humans are the soul in form through creation. See the paradox?

25 It is an eternal paradox because one cannot become without the other. For each predator, there must be a prey. If there is no prey, there can be no predator. You see? And that is the eternal paradox of creation.

26 The spirit found ways to create, and now it doesn’t know how to stop. And it is moving forward faster and faster because creation keeps taking form, and humanity learned new ways to unveil what it learned from matter and from the creative force. And as it strives to survive and create, creation becomes a survival game between prey and predator. And the predator becomes the prey as creation takes place.

27 You can see it happening at all times, in all forms. Let’s take, for instance, technology. In technology, the creator becomes the predator; soon, it doesn’t take long before it becomes the prey. And now the new ruler in the creating forces of humanity, development, and evolution is technology, taking place in such a fast way that the prey is actually the predator becoming the prey, in a revolving form, becoming a process where humanity is getting tired of the ruling world of creating forces, by being attached, feeling like slaves, becoming ‘the lesser.’

28 All the technology and creative forces becomes the primary and top predator, and in the fight for creation, soon humanity will become tired of it. Tired, as tired as one can be, because it won’t give humanity the time to get used to new developments when there are costs and changes.

29 And now the predator becomes the prey, because when once one ruled, now money can no longer rule as the creative forces become powerful and there is no longer a place for money exchange.

30 As you see it, creation, striving, and desire to be on top become the new creator of free things, where the ruler is the financial, the money, the new god. And that god can no longer find ways to sustain itself as creation without that financial structure becoming the ruler.

31 What we call ‘free stuff’ is the destructive force of money as the god source. And when it finds that it can no longer sustain itself, it collapses and will stop creating, because it will find no support. Do you see a new paradox? Creation, through technology, will find no support when money becomes disrupted, and soon it will become stalled.

32 And that is how in the past, civilizations ceased to exist because of disruption between powers, humanity’s unwillingness to become the prey, and the predator not being able to sustain itself. You see?

33 As in the old days, it was the power of government—now, the government has no power. You see? And when the government tried to control as the predator and humanity, being tired of becoming the prey, became the predator to find balance in its own way.

34 Now, humanity is taking a new form as it gets tired and wants to escape from the predator and becoming tired of being the prey. That’s how that rebellion started taking place when things became given for free as a rebellious way not to feed the new god in the financial world who took control of everything there is. You see?

35 When in one place of the world is the financial in other parts of the world is the ruling. You see? One side financial, one side ruling, one side exploiting the Earth, oil, goods, food, resources, you see? Predator vs. prey, prey vs. predator, paradoxes, surviving forces colliding within themselves. You see? From the simplest to the most complex of forms. Where there was good, now it is evil—where there was evil, now is good: Prey/predator.

36 FV—So, what to do? What is it to do?

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A18—Prey/predator now refers to the oppressed /oppressor, victim/transgressor.
A21—This Article may sound contradictory but is part of a line of paradoxes further explained in the following sequence of Articles.


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