If you already read my story on how it all started, you should remember the part where I decided to read everything I could that would relate with the experience I had in 1979 but found no answer and began to learn on my own. (NDE book)

As I kept searching for ways to return to that place I once was, I came across one of my uncle’s medical books about psychology and hypnosis. While reading the book I came upon this idea of learning how to apply self-hypnosis on me in order to recall those many gaps of lost memory related to the car accident and relive what happened to me while on the other side.

If I wanted to apply self-hypnosis, the first thing I had to learn was to close my eyes shot in a way that no involuntary action would lead me to open them.

After following some instructions which I no longer remember, I closed my eyes and declared to myself, in a nice but firm command, that my eyes were going to be disconnected from any involuntary action and would keep closed until I voluntarily send the intent to open them when the session ended.

Keeping up with such command was not a one-day success story but required of multiple attempts until one day, when I made the specific command and I felt how my eyes no longer responded unless I gave the appropriate mental command.

To help you understand how it works, when you close your eyes while fully awake, you must keep them shot by means of your voluntary action of keeping them close. Otherwise, upon drifting, they will slowly open before you having to force yourself (again) to close them. This happens to many of us and it becomes a misconception to those who believe they need to willfully keep them close at all times.

By applying the self-hypnotic stage of shutting off the involuntary mechanism that leads you to have to keep them close, you free your mind from this voluntary action, that in turn keeps you from ‘letting go’ and eventually reaching the Higher Consciousness stage you are seeking to achieve.

For this week’s lesson, I will be asking you to practice closing your eyes with the specific intent. At this stage of your spiritual evolution, you should know that there is no need to vocalize but to create the intent.

For those who work with visualization, imagine for instance, that when you close your eyes you disconnect the muscles that keep them close and they will not open unless you send the direct intent of opening your eyes at will.

For those who do not need a visualization, simply close your eyes with the notion (intent) that only you will voluntarily open them.

Once you achieve this, you may want to test your self-control by trying to open your eyes. You will immediately notice that they will not open unless you send the true intent (and not the test). Be confident, you are always in control.

Since mastering this first stage is so important, I simply want you to practice. Don’t attempt to do anything else other than practicing and mastering this skill. Do not attempt to meditate—simply practice this skill.

Next week (week 2) I will explain how to get into a blank state of mind, followed (week 3) by how to become the observer while in a meditative state.

At the end of this 3 stage learning process (week 3), you will be able to close your eyes, go into a blank state and become the observer. Once there, the experience will be your own experience and one like no other.

These meditation practices will help you better understand past and future Transcripts as you evolve in this spiritual journey of ours.

Meanwhile, during these three weeks, while you develop the skills on your new meditation practices, I will be working on uploading a new Transcript page.

Thank you for sharing time with me.
—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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