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1 Notice that our ability to communicate has been shot down and limited to verbal, movement and (now) written.

2 Our learning process needs to be conducted through those three mechanisms (for now).

3 FV asks: Why did it happen? I can only assume that at one given point we had the telepathic ability to learn through emotions.

4 CFKW: No, we have to learn through emotions because we have a body.

5 FV asks: But we don’t have a body, we are spirits.

6 CFKW: In order for us to become spirits (advanced) we need to go over this experience and beyond. They are our thoughts and should become from the essence of purity, compassion, and understanding.

7 Notice how compassion is the understanding that someone isn’t doing well. And to feel for that person, and to see that other person succeed and understand; that is compassion.

8 But through compassion itself, you know how you are limited; how you are out of tune; how you are not properly channeled into godliness.

9 So, communication is like —for instance— the metaphor of *The Tower of Babel: They were looking for something, they were heading into something they were not supposed to be heading. They were on the verge of destructing the essence of purity. And those who were searching for it were halted. So the communication broke down in such a way that no one could understand each other and the thought-form got separated from divinity and put into this realm of individuality, so they could not get together and create what they wanted and disturb the purity of the system.

10 You see, Godliness is purity in essence; in thought-form. But once you start disturbing that essence, then the collective energy gets disrupted and separated, and in separation, it does harm. You see?

11 Now, there is another force, known as the dark side, but for now, work with the thought-form and communication.

*9— The Tower of *Babel (Genesis 11:1–9)

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