Need more evidence?

Let me give you more:

  • Have you ever experienced (or known of someone close to you who has had) an out-of body, near death, or spiritual experience?
  • Have you ever witnessed a spiritual manifestation that can’t be denied? Have you ever known of a true psychic, spirit medium and clairvoyant that has proven to you, beyond a reasonable doubt, the existence of life on the other side?

Still not fully convinced?

If you are as inquisitive as I am, I will show you one more piece of evidence that would perplex even the most skeptic scientist that ever lived:

There is a study conducted by Dr. Ian Stevenson back in the 80’s that proves with evidential facts that life continues beyond this physical plane.

He chose to collect thousands of cases of children ages three to five who remembered past lives without using the principles of hypnosis.

This method allowed the use of scientific protocols by collecting a child’s statement of a previous life and identifying the deceased person, including physical evidence and medical records, to prove the child indeed was that person.

Records even identified former loved ones, former homes, neighborhoods… Even living friends and relatives. Even for the skeptic, Dr. Stevenson’s work is considered scrupulously objective and methodologically impeccable.

This and more evidence that I have in store for you proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you have lived many lifetimes before. Therefore, your existence goes beyond one life and you bring traces of previous lives that you have to work with.

  • That explains certain fears for no apparent reason. For instance, I personally fear heights and I know it’s because I’ve died as a direct result of falling. I also have an innate ability for music and I know it comes from previous life memories.
  • That also explains inclinations to certain cultures, languages, and core beliefs. It also explains your present limitations and virtues— once you understand certain precepts I’m about to give you.

Does it make sense now how you can be the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form?

But before I go any further, I want to make sure you understand certain precepts in order for it all to make sense. Let’s take a quick view at the first three basic precepts as each one provides the foundation to the message brought forward by the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Our true nature is spiritual: We are souls incarnated in human form. To use better words: We are spiritual beings experiencing life through the physical senses.

There is one Law and one Rule:  better known as the Golden rule and the Law of cause and effect acting upon the Golden Rule.

Reincarnation: is the evolutionary path of the soul (worth exploring in depth once you follow my work).

Once you understand that (1) your true nature is spiritual, (2) reincarnation takes us back to unfinished business and (3) the Law of Cause and Effect rebalances everything around us, it will be easier for you to understand why you have certain traits, talents, memories, foundations, and limitations that add up to the totality of your present life.

– Therefore –

You are the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form

Now it should make more sense to you:

  • Why you may have been born with certain attributes, limitations, virtues or talents.
  • Why you may be so different from your parents, siblings, or relatives Why you may have brought with you certain fears, talents, and inner beliefs.

Understanding that you are the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form will help you:

Identify the source of world suffering

Understand the law of cause and effect works

Understand how you became who you are today

Decipher where are you heading right now…and

Learn to steer back in track to where you’re supposed to be!

Let me help you identify some other clarifications that you might have learned differently and how you can make better sense out of all these new memories I’m bringing back to you:

  • Did you know that while the body rests, the soul, which never sleeps, keeps experiencing life? It’s called “dreaming” and yes, you have learned a false understanding of it at school!
  • Have you ever heard the term “we all are energy?” That’s not our true identity but the vehicle by which we move. I was on the other side in 1979, and I can explain this misunderstood concept very well!
  • Did you know that time does exists? Not as we know it, but visionaries claim it doesn’t exist. I can show you how it does exist, from firsthand experiences and from what’s been written in the Transcripts as well.
  • Have you heard about multidimensional planes of existences? I have, and it makes me sad knowing how this concept has been so misunderstood. We may experience life at different levels but life is experienced one awareness in consciousness at a time, not simultaneously.

Does it make sense now to you how you are the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form?

You have existed since creation took form and you have evolved to who you are today—which includes all your talents, virtues, defects, and handicaps. Your concept of life goes beyond this lifetime and you have within you the recollection of all of your experiences since creation took form. Simply put — you inhabit in a physical body, fully conscious of your actions, not because you just landed here out of luck but from an evolutionary path, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of spiritual growth. Makes sense?

And the beauty is that this information, along with what you are about to learn, comes forward from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom, without theological ties…this time around.

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