"You Are The Sum Total of All Your Experiences Since The First Movement Took Form."—Transcript

Back when I lived submerged in the Earthly world, I learned from my parents, the schooling system, religion, and from my own experiences what we call ‘conventional wisdom.’ Some didn’t make sense to me while others I took them as good, not questioning the system.

But as I awakened, I learned some were not true because I remembered and not because I was told differently. Now that I remember, life is easier to understand and to make sense out of life. And so can you.

I’m not here to teach but to help you remember. And there is no better way than by taking you there, showing you and hoping you get a glimpse as a memory recall.

It’s like if a friend would be reminding you of an experience you both once had, and you don’t remember having such experience with that person in that particular time and place.

At first, you deny having that experience. Then you start giving some thought, just wondering if it could be that you had forgotten. Then upon much pondering, you finally get a glimpse of that moment and start organizing your thoughts. And when you remember, you acknowledge having the experience, and everything starts making sense. That is true awakening. It is about remembering, and then, life starts making sense once again.

But for that, you need to let go of wrong teachings. And because you and I do not know which one was taught right and which one was wrongly taught, you need to open your mind and allow those aspects from your old teachings that do not make full sense to be aligned with this new perspective and see how it resonates with you as you start remembering.

Just like the story of your friend, at first, you may deny it, then you will wonder, ponder, and upon remembering, you will see with clarity what once was tainted by wrong interpretations.

When you learn something from being taught, you take what you have learned as true—and only confirm when you go through the experience yourself. Then you can claim the truth, but based on your earthly surroundings, understanding, and interpretation. Let me explain:

If it’s of architectural nature, its structure is built from your cultural surroundings. If it’s of medical nature, the remedy will come from cultural traditions. If it’s of spiritual nature, your belief system was most probably imposed from culture. But when you remember, none of what you are taught differently makes sense, but you end up giving-in for lack of support.

Just to give you an example, upon returning from my death experience in 1979, I began to question everything I was wrongly taught as to how is and what is on the other side. But because I was too young to understand and explain fully, I was hushed by family, friends, society, culture, religion, science, and even History. And because I had no support and wanted to keep my sanity with those around me, at the young age of barely turning eighteen, I chose to keep it to myself and take it to the grave…so I thought.

Let’s begin:

As I previously explained under “We are one infinite mind endlessly expanding through the spiritual and physical realm:”

—Everything that is and exists is of our own creation.

—We are the ones who got separated from the Source and became individual souls experiencing life through the physical senses.

—We evolved, and today we are transcending.

Defining the word “First Movement” is not easy when you don’t know who you are at the deepest level. People are wrongly taught that there is no beginning only because it cannot be measured by the human limitations of the physical world. But there is a beginning and an uncertain future. 

It is us who cannot reach a general consensus because between science and religion, we were either created by a God conceived as the supreme being, creator deity, and principal object of faith; or our existence comes from a once plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle that today is being questioned yet known as the Big Bang theory.

Therefore, because this ancient wisdom revealing our true identity goes beyond the scope of conventional wisdom, let me help you remember by breaking this down in three levels: Earthly, Spiritual and at the Source Level.

From An Earthly Level: 

“You are the sum total of all your experiences since the day you were born.”—Transcript

This one should be easy to understand. Since you were born, everything you learned came from your parents, friends, teachers, dogmatic system, cultural, social influences and the epoch you were born and raised.

The end result of those teachings and your personal experiences have made you draw your own conclusions as to what is life and how life should be lived. From good to bad parenting, and from good to bad influences, along with what you were wrongly or properly taught, you became the independent thinker who chose to live according to your own drawn conclusions.

At a physical level, you inherited some physical aspects from your parents as well as attitudes and predisposition from early teachings and from personal observation. Some you mimicked while others you rejected by your own reasoning, which makes you the unique individual who has experienced life in a particularly influential way.

At an emotional level, you also inherited some personality traces from your parent as you become One from two. You can see how you have some of your mother’s in you and also from your father’s. Those are the inherited ones and not those you mimicked from your parents.

If you are having a pleasant or going through unpleasant times, it may be the unfolding of your present or the end result of your actions. And because as there is free will in everything we do, there are also the human errors influencing our actions as duly disclosed in the Universal Rule of Conduct. And if you have become a victim of yours or someone else’s free will, now is the time for you will learn why those experiences may have come to pass as you are about to discover in this lecture.

And for those who look at the past with remorse, stop blaming others for your present conditions when it has been you all along who chose to conclude how to live life regardless of your experiences, virtues or defects.

It doesn’t matter if you were raised by good parenting or not, if you were born healthy or ill, if you were abused or not, and regardless of your social, economic or cultural background, you are the one who is NOW choosing to transcend.

I have seen the disabled surpass the unimpeded, the abused becoming the advocate, the poor becoming prosperous, and the agnostic becoming enlightened. But I’ve also seen the downward spiral one can create by submerging oneself in self-pity or self-absorption by self-condemnation.

And because knowing that you are the sum total of all your experiences since the day you were born have kept you from seeking Higher Truth, it is time to learn that you are not only the sum total of all your experiences since the day you were born but also you are the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form.

From A Spiritual Level:

“You are the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form—Transcript

That is why you can communicate with grandma even after she passed to the other side. Grandma is still doing very well and alive as she became the new sum total of all her experiences since creation took form.

From the previous lecture, I reminded you that our true nature is spiritual, and the soul realm is the closest to us. Communication with those from the other side takes place when the intent from the non-incarnated soul transmutes into a vibrational force that can be perceived by both the medium or channeler and the non-incarnated soul.

This I have known from firsthand experience as I receive, perceive, and transcribe the original intent from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom. I have also made contact with my mother for over ten years after she transitioned to the other side. I have also personally known those with medium and trans-medium abilities but also have known the charlatans and mischievous.

This realm has been so tainted with wrong information and deceit that it needs to be appropriately addressed. But because this is not the forum to expand on this, let’s put that aside (since I will later build on this) therefore, let’s move on.

When you incarnate, you bring with you all your past experiences to a new you as you become the new sum total of all your experiences since creation took form. That is how evolution takes place. You did not come from the spirit world as a human without first having to learn how to evolve in this world. You must first learn how to manifest as the simplest particle before you could understand the relationship between the physical world and your consciousness. As you evolved, you build the memory (consciousness) you needed to evolve from unicellular to multi-cellular.

Notice how you have developed your conscious memory to work your way around your physical body. See how you can move and articulate so accurately, how you think and solve problems, and how you can retain in memory and make judgment. Think of it as being the child who first learned how to crawl before you learned how to stand, before you learned how to walk, before you learned how to run. 

But when it comes to having to learn to manifest from the first particle to becoming a unicellular being to transform into a multi-cellular creature, and having to go through a few trillion year evolutionary process, is another story worth expanding in the future.

All those experiences have made you the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form

From unicellular to multi-cellular, you became part of this evolutionary realm as your consciousness evolved from an atom to a cell and from the least evolved in animal creature to the simplest of human form. That is why it is so important to learn and apply to your daily life the Universal Rule of conduct: “Do Not Kill,” “Feed From What the Land Produces,” and “Care, Consider and Protect all living things” because you are truly hurting those who are evolving just like you once did.

You were not created out of dust or out of the will of a Creator. You chose to separate from the Source, and chose the path to experience life in physical form. Therefore, the physical world is a world of your own creation. Like you, there are many others way more advanced than this human civilization and many others less advanced than you struggling to advance and wrongly disregarded as soulless creatures when they indeed have an evolving soul just as yours.

This aspect reminds me of how the slave traders saw them as soulless creatures. Today we know we were very much wrong. And today, I will show you how wrong we still are on a grander scale. 

The evolution of the soul can be seen expressed in those humans labeled as having learning disabilities when it is none other than the evolutive process they are going through while learning to manifest as human. 

You can also see it in those creatures with “unusual” behaviors when they are none other than advanced souls incarnated in a less developed body. This you can see in the wild Lion adopting a baby antelope, the tortoise helping a flipped over friend, the rhino helping lift a baby zebra from the mud, and many other “unusual” animal behaviors seen in pictures and videos in social media today as evidence that there is an evolving soul in them. Those are not instincts but the soul as it develops consciousness and the notion of oneness.

From birth, not only did you inherited the physical but also emotional traces from both your parents dating back generations of karmic evolution, and now is your turn to manifest with them in you. When you add the inherited traces from your parent’s past life experiences, your past life experiences, and your present life experiences, you bring to life the new totality of all your experiences since creation took form.

I have seen personality trances I have inherited from my father in me. I have seen those personality traces being passed on to my son, and now I can see them manifesting in my grandson. I can see the trend and why this is—for each new generation to rebalance the soul from further karmic debt.

Visualize now the extent of this sentence: “You are the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form.” 

It took you millions of evolutive cycles to become who you are today. Every time you incarnate, you add to the equation inherited traces from both your parents to help you evolve with new challenges.

For instance, I am fully aware of certain personality traces from both my parents that I know I have in me and need to work and detach. But I also acknowledge certain aspects I inherited from both my parents that serves me well. When I unify all aspects from this life and those from past lives making me who I am today, I live in peace knowing it is me all along who have walked this path, and now its time to head back home.

Keep in mind that there is a lot more to be explained, but leave that to the Transcripts you are reading as you move forward through this journey of ours back Home.

At The Source Level:

“You are the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form” —Transcript

This is your true identity and the closest to the absolute truth of your existence since the human mind cannot perceive any farther beyond this point. This sentence takes you to understand how you separated from the Source through your first movement. 

This first movement was of your own creation when you chose to separate from the source and become an individual spirit, which kept evolving to become a soul and today has incarnated in human flesh.

From the first movement, you became the Creator of knowledge, and now you became what that original intent of yours chose to manifest as, and are now learning to detach from it. Through your desire to exist in new forms, you evolved to become who you are today as you became the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form.

Although this may seem new to you, these are among the first long forgotten teachings humanity ever received but could not conceive. Therefore, for over thousand of years, the message was made simple to understand and today we believe in someone greater than us, capable of doing what we cannot do for ourselves.

How can we not understand that we are our own creators when we see it every day as atomic particles bond together on their own to create matter; when we see how a cell multiplies itself through the process of mitosis, and now we are beginning to understand that a single particle is influenced by consciousness? 

It is just that the evolutionary process of the self expressing itself is so slow to us, that someone had to come up with the idea that creation took place in six days and here we are; or the conceptual belief that many gods created all this, including us at will—And to what purpose may I ask? 

This extensively long journey of ours has been explained through the science of Astrology. It has also been depicted by The Hindu map of life or ‘The Yugas,’ with thousands of years for each evolutive cycle, just to give you some of many available examples. 

As you acknowledge being the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form, you come to terms with your present life as the end result of your karmic path. 

All your actions or inaction, how you lived your previous lives, what you experienced throughout those lives, and all you have gathered from those experienced makes you the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form.

I have learned from this, and all previous life experiences to identify the provenance of my virtues and defects, my fears and talents, my likes and dislikes, the empathy I have for all creatures, compassion, and a new sense to make amends as I keep learning to detach from what’s holding me from further spiritual growth as I trail my way back Home.

Once I became fully aware of my existence at this level, it breaks my heart seeing how ignorant we have become of our true nature and how we have done so much harm to ourselves and others by not knowing what we are doing. Now I see how it is that when you do harm to others, you are doing it to yourself. I can see how our karmic debts keep increasing with so much wrongdoing, and how we meet with ourselves in future incarnations until the soul rebalances itself. 

Ultimately, now I know (and so should you) why those from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom want us all to learn these Principles and the Universal Rule of Conduct, so we all start living a life of purpose and spiritual awareness knowing the difference between right and wrong (at this densified physical level).

As to what or who is behind that first movement is what keeps us humans separate from one another. The genesis of our existence has been tainted with stories and metaphors to explain what otherwise has no words. They were taken from figurative to literal context when they could only be described by means of metaphors. 

It’s like trying to explain the inconceivable with the word “infinity.” Infinity is only a term to what otherwise cannot be explained because it goes beyond our reach. But do we know infinity? No.

Some call it the Father, the Lord, the Creator, and hundred of other names to that one Source of life. Some claim having seen or spoken to ‘him’ when in truth, the Source does not move or express itself but as One. Those from Higher Realms who are willing to help us all navigate through this world of our own creation are the ones who communicate or help us through life. It is in the advice from Spirits, in the helping hand of an Angel, in the guidance of an Ascended Master or in the commonly known Guardian Spirit (or Angel). 

Take for instance, the inward astral travel I detailed throughout the first lecture. It was an experience that I could only explain through words as I understood how the abstract was transmuted into a time frame and images I could relate to and having to explain. It can only be described as an inward travel through time and space, probably dating trillions of years back to the beginning of time to help us all understand how we came from a distant source of life to where we are now. 

The experience was as vivid as having experienced it in “real” life, and it was indeed experienced but explained as traveling through time and space with my ethereal body that, in turn, is not visible or even existent in the physical world.

With this, I invite you to the next Principle.


Next week you will learn the Third Principle:

“Your Ultimate Life Purpose Is To Experience Life and Return Home”