1 Let me give you an example of dreams: How much control do you think you have over your dreams? From the physical standpoint, none. From the conscious analytical point of view, none.

2 Your spirit acts and reacts accordingly to its desires, emotions, attractions, and aversions. You have no control in your conscious mind over your dreams. They come forward because there is a need for one to learn from one’s (evolutionary) process, or to express one’s desires, or to fulfill some needs, which is an internal desire by itself.

3 It could be fear, or it might be intense fear for you to work with and detach from it. But you have no control. That is why you wake up happy, sad, confused, bewildered—

4 Our physical reactive conscious mind responds to what was before and try to see, control, interpret or digest whatever comes through.

5 The only way one can express true action or reaction to one’s life is by learning to let go and allow the evolutionary process to work its way. Using your conscious mind to control is nothing more than to delay.

6 But when you use your conscious mind to learn what ways make you feel good in harmony with everything that surrounds you, looking for peace and balance within yourself, then and only then your life will be transformed in the same way dreams unfold.

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Dreams and dream interpretation is a subject that has been widely over-exploited. All you need is to ask your local librarian, bookstore or internet search engine to find an overwhelming amount of books written over the subject. There are even dictionaries with an array of symbolism to what a given image represents.

I claim to have no power to interpret dreams nor to give new information as to the symbolism involved in dream interpretation. But if you pay close attention from article 4 to the end of this Transcript, you will know what I’m about to speak over this upcoming lecture.

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